Running a guest house is a fantastic way to make the most of the extra room you have in your house. Some people downsize when they don’t need the room anymore, but there are definite positives to making the management of a guest house your primary source of income if you live in an area people visit regularly.

One thing you must do is make your guest house appealing to as many people as possible. You can attract families, couples and lone tourists if you play your cards right and the one thing they all value is comfort. They may stay for a night or a week – whatever happens they will want a measure of home comfort to come back to after the exploring the surrounding area.

With rugs in all of your rooms you’ll be able to set up the kind of comfortable environment people always look for when they book accommodation. They don’t necessarily need to be modern rugs if that’s at odds with your décor – traditional rugs will do just fine. The thing is to get rugs that are warm and homely. Shaggy rugs are good at doing this and they are plain so they will generally fit in with most interiors.