Rugs go incredibly well in kiddies’ playrooms and in children’s bedrooms because they are generally colourful and cosy. This makes them perfect for the imaginative games that kids love to play around the house. However, it’s worth considering a couple of practical things when shopping for kids’ rugs for bedrooms and playrooms.

First of all, you need to think about how the rugs will be used. Rugs with intricate designs might not be all that suitable for toys like jigsaws and Lego where bits and pieces can easily get lost against the patterns. Plain rugs may be a better idea.

If children are to spend hours on end reading and playing games on rugs then they need to be comfortable. That means they need to be soft to the touch. It also means they need to be thick enough for little knees and elbows not to get sore against them. The extra cushioning from anti-slip rug underlay sometimes works a treat where comfort is concerned.

It’s also wise to pick rugs that you can clean nice and easily and that won’t succumb to regular use too quickly. Washable varieties exist and you aren’t limited to white rugs that fail to hide wear.