Create The Perfect Easter Party

How To Host The Best Easter Party Graphic with bunnies in the background

Spring is finally here, which means Easter is just around the corner. So, we are here with some fabulous Easter party ideas!

We love any excuse to host a gathering with friends and family, and Easter is no exception!

In this guide, you’ll find a few useful tips to help you pull off the best Easter party extravaganza for you and your friends!

Every Party Needs A Theme

“Easter” is a theme in itself, but there are plenty of specific Easter-related themes to try out!

What kind of Easter theme are you going to go for?

Easter Bunny?

Bunnies in half open easster eggs with daffodils between them

Chicken and Egg?

Young chicks hatching from eggs in hay

Bright Flowers?

Field full of daffodils with 5 daffodils in focus and the rest blurred

The possibilites for themes are endless!

A Party Needs The Perfect Menu

As with any major holiday, food is a major part of Easter.

It’s important to make sure that your Easter party gets off to a delicious start. Here’s a classic Easter finger food to keep your guests happy whilst the main course is being prepared…

Hot Cross Buns

image of Hot Cross Buns on wooden table

Hot cross buns are fruity snacks and are probably the most well-known Easter treat (other than Easter eggs). They are traditionally eaten on Good Friday.

These sticky buns also have a lot of ‘superstition’ around them – For example: They’re said to cement friendships and expel bad spirits…

So, make sure you get some on your shopping list or bake a batch today!

Slow Roasted Lamb

Picture of slow roasted lamb with gravy cup

Slow roasted lamb is an excellent treat. This meat is usually juicy and tender and is a fantastic dish to serve whether you have guests for Sunday lunch, or just for the family.

You can just stick it in the oven and forget about it. The time taken to cook allows the meat to soften slowly and consistently.

Cook it for longer, if you fancy a softer textured meat.

Easter Eggs

Did someone mention desserts?! Chocolate is inevitable at easter. Why not get stuck into some Easter eggs!

Opened chocolate Easter Eggs in a pile amongst their colourful foil wrappers with one large egg broken in half

Throughout Lent, people would hard boil eggs, decorate them and save them for the Easter period.

Modern society has taken this tradition and made it child friendly by developing chocolate eggs.

It’s Easter, how can you not have chocolate?!

Easter Egg Cupcakes

Why not put a personal touch on your Easter party food by making something from scratch like these amazing Easter egg cupcakes!

Cupcakes finished with chocolate icing and mini eggs

As Easter is a time for family to come together, get some baking done!

Make some colourful Easter-style cupcakes and finish them off with icing and mini eggs.

Not only do these taste fantastic, but they look brilliant on the table as a decoration!

Games & Arts And Crafts

It’s important to keep your guests busy whilst the food is being prepared.

Here are some fantastic activities to do to pass the time.

Easter Egg Hunt

These games are suitable for both Adult and Chilren parties. If it is an adult party why not host an Easter egg hunt? Not only will this be a take-away memory, but it is a classic game associated with Easter that is suitable for adults as well as children. You could even replace easter eggs with small bottles of alcohol!

Games and art projects are not just for kids, but also the kid in you!

easter egg hunt with a girl searching for eggs in the grass

You could just place Easter eggs randomly around your house or garden, or alternatively use plastic eggs with clues inside for locations of the Easter eggs (or alcohol).

Pin The Tail On The Bunny

Another classic game that can be used at pretty much any event or occasion such as Easter.

small blindfolded girl pinning the tail on a bunny

Simply use a cut out of a bunny without its tail, and (using blue-tac to prevent injuries) attempt to stick the tail on the bunny in the right place whilst being blindfolded.

This would be a fun game after a few drinks!

Make A Pom Pom Animal

If your child enjoys arts and crafts, this is a good one for them!

Things you’ll need: Glue, Scissors, Coloured Card, Pom Poms and Felt.

homemade pom pom animals

To create a Bunny, here’s a simple tutorial:

Firstly, glue two large pom poms together and cut our two ears using coloured card or felt.

Next, cut three small circles out of felt for eyes and a nose. Then, glue both the eyes & ears on to one of the large pom poms to create the head and face.

After that, cut 2 feet from the card and glue them to the bottom of the other pom pom.

To finish off your bunny, glue a small pom pom to the back of the body to create a fluffy tail!

Colouring In

There are plenty of free printables of bunnies and Easter eggs for you, your friends and your children to colour in.

Easter Bunny to colour in for young children

We’ve included one for you to print out. Just right click on the image above and press print!

Outdoor Easter Decor

It’s time to redecorate and brighten up your home exterior (and interior!) with fresh flowers, cheery spring colours and whimsical Easter-themed touches.

Carrots In The Ground

This is a good way to use up old carrots that may be going out of date. Simply put the carrot tops in the ground so that they’re visible and hand make a sign referring to the Easter bunny.

wooden carrots in soild with a wooden sign with black writing on it

If you use real carrots, you don’t even have to move them from the soil after Easter! They will compost into the soil so you’ll be giving your garden valuable nutrients!

Front Porch Florals

To get the best out of florals, use them in complementary colours. Use flowers such as dandelions, daisies, daffodils as they are spring-inspired colours and help to tie the whole look together.

easter party colourful plants and flowers in plant pots

Just a few pots filled with blooming plants will add a lot of impact with little money or effort needed.

You can keep the same plant pots on your porch all year-round and switch out their contents to reflect whichever season it may be – in this case, Spring.

Easter Wreath

Have you ever thought about using an Easter wreath?

Though usually associated with Christmas, Wreaths can be used for a variety of different events. These look excellent and add bright colours to your front door!

Egg and flower easter wreath lying on a door

Use hot glue to attach layers of faux spring branches to a wreath form. Twine-and-stick anything Easter related on to it, including  eggs, rabbits and other variable easter themed products to add the perfect finishing touches.

Interior Easter Decor

Easter Egg Decor

An easy way to create decoration in your home is by filling a vase with decorated eggs and twigs.

Glass vase filled with decorated eggs and twigs

This not only looks bright and attractive, but it is extremely cost effective. It would also go well with a theme of outdoors or eggs.

Easter Accessories

semmel bunny rug in a childrens nursery easter party

What better way to decorate your room than with this cute Bunny Rug?

Place it by the dining table or hallway entrance for a pretty and practical touch!

It is made from the softest hand-tufted wool with a playful Chenille cotton tail.

This will add some Easter festivity to your home and your children will love it. It can also be used year after year or even used all year round in a child’s room!

Floral Centrepiece

For a truly themed look this Easter, transform your dining table or mantelpiece with a stunning floral centrepiece.

Whether you prefer a contemporary or traditional flower – Daffodils are one  of the most well known Spring plants.

daffodils in a jug indoors

These beautiful yellow flowers look excellent as a centrepiece on the table as well as a decoration for in the window.

There’s a reason that Daffodils are the national flower of Wales!


So that’s it for our guide to host the best Easter party! Hopefully, youve learnt a little bit about Easter and you should be ready to host the best Easter party this year!

We’d love to hear from you if you decide to use any of these ideas for YOUR Easter party. And please let us know if you have any other clever ideas you’d like to share.

Happy Easter Everyone!