anti-slip underlay underneath a red patterned rug

A rug is a brilliant accessory to complete a room and can be an exciting addition to any home. However, rugs can be liable to slide around, and a real slip hazard. So it’s important to ensure you know the best tips and advice to secure your rugs.

The Rug Seller team have tested many anti-slip products over the years. You can buy sprays, but we found them difficult to apply, and it often left residual product on surrounding areas. There’s also double sided tape or corner grips.

However, our testing discovered that an anti-slip underlay was the easiest product to use with the best performance.

An Anti Slip underlay will prevent your rugs and carpet runners from slipping and sliding on all types of floors including: wood, vinyl, laminate, carpet and tiles. Furthermore, an Anti-Slip underlay will also protect the backing of your rug to ensure it lasts for many years of enjoyment!

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  • A simple anti-slip rug underlay will keep your carpet lying flat on whatever surface you are placing it on, and stop it slipping or moving around. In high traffic areas around your house you need to know that your rug will stay firmly in place. An anti-slip underlay is a cost effective and very simple solution for this.  You no longer have to worry about children running down the corridor and skidding along the rug, or falling over scrunched up sections of rug.


  • A rug that does not lie flat on your floor will not add to the aesthetics of your room. Installing anti slip underlay will keep your rug in one place, flat to the floor, and you’ll avoid those curled up corners that rug lovers dread. With anti-slip rug underlay, not only will your rug look good, but it will also preserve the strength of the rug. Rugs that are regularly scrunched up can lose their strength and quickly become tired looking.

Noise Reduction

  • Another great benefit of anti-slip rug underlay is the reduction in the transfer of sounds. When you walk around your home, particularly upstairs, you can hear the distinct noise of footsteps. Anti-slip rug underlay will dampen this noise as it creates an extra barrier of cushioning between your feet, the rug and the floor.  This is ideal if you have small children who need a quiet home to rest in.


  • Not only does good quality anti-slip rug underlay increase the longevity of your rug by preventing it from being damaged. It can also be reused and moved around to whether you choose.  If you change your rug, you can simply keep the underlay and cut it to the size of your new rug.  It is a long-lasting durable product with many benefits!

How To Stop Rugs From Slipping On Carpets

rug on carpet with anti slip underlay underneath

When it comes to using a rug on a carpet, there can be problems. People usually say their rugs are ‘walking’ or ‘travelling’ when placed on carpets. We often get calls asking us why this is happening or how we can prevent it.

The reason this is happening is that when the carpet and rug are stepped on as one. The fibers in the carpet squash underfoot and when they shift back into the normal position, the fibers push the rug causing it to ‘walk’. An Anti Slip underlay is the simplest solution to this as it prevents the rug from moving.

Anti Slip vs Hardwood, Vinyl, Laminate & Tile Flooring

rug on wooden floor

rug on tiles

Hardwood flooring, tiles, vinyl and laminate are all excellent to use as a flooring, however if a rug is placed on top it can become dangerous.

This is due to the lack of grip between the two meaning the rug will slide at the slightest push. This therefore makes the rug a safety hazard for all the family. So how can this be solved? An Anti-Slip underlay.

While you could use adhesive sprays or even chemical glues, it can be messy and time consuming. It’s also a permanent fixture and can be quite expensive. An anti-slip underlay is simply laid on the floor with the rug is placed over the top thus making it invisible.

We suggest cutting the underlay slightly smaller than the actual rug. It should also be said that the treated felt will not leave any residues on your floor or your rug!


Hopefully this guide has informed you on how to stop your rug from slipping, walking or rumpling! If you have any other ways to prevent this let us know below or if you’re after an Anti-Slip Underlay have a look here!

updated May 2021