From a box room to a flat with limited room, making the most of the space you have is essential. A room that can often be left to feel a little cramped and unloved is the bedroom. So we’re here to show you how to make your bedroom feel bigger.

A mix of storage, colours and clever tricks can help to transform your space. To expand your bedroom into a size you never thought possible!

Paint In Light Colours

The colour and hues of your room is essential to bear in mind when you want to make your bedroom feel bigger.

Darker shades only help to close off a space and make a room seem smaller. On the other hand, using pale shades from white to pastel colours can create an open and airy feel.

a bright and airy bedroom with white walls and open window

If you’d prefer not to have your bedroom feel overly stark, choose softer palettes such as pale pinks and oranges to bring warmth. If you still want to opt for darker shades in your interior, try an accent wall. 

This means you can bring in richer shades without feeling like the room loses an openness.

Use Paler Hues For Accessories

Using lighter shades and paler hues stretches beyond just your walls. Choosing accessories that are of lighter colours only further helps to open up a space.

In a small room, it’s often the case that the bed will be a central point that draws the eye. Which means it’s wise to go for paler bedding that offsets the smaller space the bed is sitting in.

This Chenille Textured Stripe Cotton bedding set is minimal, but by no means simple.

a n airy bedroom with the chenille bedding in white

The design of this bedding set is in the texture and stripes rather than with a colour or print. This helps to leave a room simple and airy, rather than a little overwhelmed and busy. 

Try Different Rug Placement

A rug can help in tricking the eye and seemingly changing the shape of a room. Clever placement of a rug can help an oddly shaped room, or even a box room seem like it has more space.

Place the rug at the foot of the bed, with half of the bed sitting on the rug. Position it so the long edge of the rug goes along the end of the bed. This will help to elongate the room and give the impression of added space.

As with paint colours and accessories, opting for lighter shades in a rug will only further help to make your bedroom feel bigger. Our Boho Rug in Beige is the perfect piece to use for this placement.

The deep pile offers supreme comfort, perfect for a bedroom space. Plus the chevron style pattern adds a minimal level of design, without being overwhelming for a small bedroom.

Incorporate Mirrors

green bedroom with mirrors on the wall

Mirrors are commonly used in smaller rooms, and for good reason. Placed on a wall at eye-height, they can expand a room by giving the impression that the room goes on for further than it does.

Also, if the room you’re working with isn’t blessed with light, the use of a mirror can bring more to a space. Bringing more light into a room helps to open up a potentially cramped space.

Using a wide mirror works best, to make the most of the wall space available.

Choose Furniture Wisely

When looking for furniture in a small space, there are a few tricks, do’s and don’ts that can help a space seem completely different.

With beds, it’s best to choose styles that have legs and space underneath. This helps to throw light across a room, and help build on that airy feel that you’ve brought in with the colour palette. 

low bed in a bedroom with white bedding and pastel colour cushions

If you’re not sure on a bed with legs, choosing beds that are low to the ground helps to reduce the space the bed is taking up, therefore giving the impression there is more room to make your bedroom feel bigger.

On top of that, ensure the furniture you’re choosing is proportional to the space. If you choose a bedside table that is too big, it will only make the room feel cramped. Choosing styles that are less bulky and that leave space around them will give the impression of a bigger bedroom.

Use Vertical Space

Using the space that you do have in a smaller bedroom is essential to make your bedroom feel bigger.

The use of vertical space through artwork and mirrors can help to draw the eye up, and remove from the smaller floorspace.

a wall has four images with black and white artwork on a white wall above a wooden cabinet

Try a floating shelf, which can double as extra storage in a limited space. Use accessories that are narrow but tall to help and draw the eye, and shape the room to seem taller and therefore bigger.

If you’re limited on the amount of wall space to use for artwork, simply a taller headboard can work in the same way.

Try Thin Or No Curtains

Windows and light are a key component to bringing space and helping to make your bedroom feel bigger. If you do have a window, ensure you’re making the most of it.

Again, opting for lighter shades of blinds or curtains is a good option. 

These Jungle Designer curtains are a lighter design, and are made from a cotton sateen. This means they are thinner, and won’t swamp a window for a room that has limited space.

white and silver jungle print curtains in a window to make a bedroom feel bigger

If the room you’re working with is particularly small, getting rid of curtains completely can bring in a surprising amount of space. To prevent the window looking bare, choose some simple net curtains instead of heavier, material curtains.


So will you be transforming your small bedroom this season? Let us know in the comments if you used any of our tips to make your bedroom feel bigger!