When you’re determined to keep things simple with your interior design so that everything is easy to maintain and clean, you still need to get some interest from somewhere. Wooden flooring and plain walls are great because they offer the most uncomplicated and attractive backdrop for furniture and décor. However, a bit of style, colour, pattern and life is necessary to lift a room and to give it character.

The Hong Kong collection of rugs is really good at doing this for you. Rugs in general make great additions because they set the mood of a room, give a space texture and make the place more welcoming. Hong Kong rugs provide a little more accent in the form of really sumptuous designs that are very tasteful but still manage to bring colour and pattern.

It’s possible to pick from the floral designs, striped designs, geometric designs and special artistic designs within the collection. Colour palettes also vary enormously so there’s every opportunity for you to find a really good example that will fit into the design scheme you’ve already got on the go. Matching rugs with wall art and furniture is very important if you want to tie the room together properly.