It’s hard to give student homes a personal touch because different groups of housemates take up the tenancy every year or two. Landlords who furnish their properties and try to keep them looking good for each group of tenants often try and keep things neutral and as such student homes rarely have any character of their own in terms of interior design.

Fortunately, the use of nice rugs makes it very easy for groups of students to make the place feel more like home for a year or two at a time. Between them, modern rugs are cheap to buy and there are very often sales and clearance deals on for them to take advantage of. Getting a cut-price rug is good news because it can be rolled out in the front room for everyone’s enjoyment.

It’s amazing how one rug and a couple of pieces of wall art can suddenly make a place seem much more like a home. This enables students to settle more fully into their new surroundings, which are often in a new part of a new city.