You may think Christmas interiors are wholly tied to tradition, and aren’t prone to changing much. However, interiors for the festive season are often inspired by interior trends at the time.

Although they hold core values such as cosiness and celebration – they can differ quite a lot. So we’ve got a quick guide to talk you through the popular themes and styles for this Yuletide season. 

So have a look, and see if you’ll be inspired to do Christmas decor a little differently this year!

Gold Accents & Dark Hues

When it comes to Christmas decorations, gold is always a key component to a lot of interior styles. Gold was one of the presents gifted to Jesus by the three men, plus it’s commonly used as a colour of lavish celebration across the world. So it’s no surprise that it’s still a key element for this year.

However, the twist that gives these golden hues a modern feel is to contrast it with dark and moody shades. Hues such as navy, a plum read or aubergine, which create an opulent feel – perfect for a stylish take on Christmas decor.

a christmas tree with lights set in a dark navy interior

This works really well using opulent fabrics such as velvet and silk to bring a plushness to this style. The trick is to use strong pops of gold that help to lift the dark shades. This can come from baubles, candles or fairy lights.

Nordic Minimalism

This style remains a favourite Christmas interior trend, and for good reason. Nordic style is easily related to the festive style, as it used a lot of natural elements and focussed on creating a cosy and warming atmosphere.

Hygge is an important aspect of Nordic interiors, and Christmas is a time of year that embodies the concept of hygge.

a nordic style christmas interior with pale colours and natural elements

When it comes to a Nordic Christmas interior, it presents a minimal take on a period that can be quite gaudy and colourful. Due to this, the styling can be used throughout winter, as it’s not overly festive but more seasonal. You just need to add a tree!

This year brings a Nordic interior trend that uses natural elements such as trees, twigs and a lot of bleached and pale coloured wood. On top of that, the interior style is to use a lot of layers. Think sheepskin rug layered onto chairs, or multiple throws on the sofa and armchairs. The concept is to create an inviting and warm space.

Try something like this easy sheepskin rug in white, to layer on the floor, on chairs or benches.

a sheepskin rug laid on the floor of a living room with an armchair and patterned wall behind

Classically Heritage

This year, we have seen interior trends looking back at the classic and heritage feel. Christmas is a time of tradition, and this year the decor seems to be focussing on the styles to reflect the classic.

When it comes to classic Christmas style, this draws on the typical Germanic Christmas, full of reds, golds and dark green.

a living room christmas interior full of reds and greens with stockings on a fireplace and a christmas tree

This year, we are seeing elements of the British heritage styles being brought into the mix. This is coloured tartans along with bold velvets and countryside chic.

With this particular Christmas interior trend, less is not more. This is a particularly over the top and gaudy decor, to signal the time of excess and celebration. Decorations adorning every surface, full of bold and bright colours are the best way to work this trend.

Choose one dominant colour, and two complementary colours and weave this into the decor style. This will help create a coherent look while preventing it from becoming too overwhelming and busy.

Full Of Texture

An interior style that is coming through as a key trend for the coming season is that of textures. Textures are a good element to bring in for the colder months, as it tends to help create a warm and cosy environment with different fabrics. 

This particular style is another that can be seen to be more wintery than purely Christmas. It’s a Christmas interior trend that is more subtle, and easier to incorporate into your existing home decor. 

a minimal christmas interior with neutral coloured furniture and rugs with a christmas tree in the corner

As you can see in the style above, draw on fabrics such as fur, wool and velvet. Contrast the look and feel of surfaces to bring a depth to your interior. 

If you don’t have existing fabrics and texture in your interior, you can bring some through accessories such as velvet throws, like this Honeysuckle and Tulip throw.

a cut out image of the blue velvet honeysuckle and tulip throw

Natural & Imperfect

One of the stand out interior trends of the last year is the decor concept of Japandi. This is the mixed style of Japanese and Scandi style, with a focus on the natural, sustainable and imperfect.

This trend is moving away from the visuals of perfectly decorated trees, and intricately placed festive decorations. An important element to this style is to opt for a Christmas tree that is imperfect. It may be a little sparse, or lean a bit – but ultimately has more beauty than a perfect tree.

a japandi style interior with a imperfect christmas tree by a snowy window

This concept is around the imperfections of nature, and finding the beauty in it. An interior style that looks at the real and the natural over the stress of striving for pure perfection.

It uses a relaxed and natural colour palette, full of rattan and wooden decorations. As well as a lot of paper, and decorations that can be made from existing materials in the home.


We hope we’ve helped to inspire you for the festive season coming, and look forward to seeing your homes decorated in this year’s seasonal trends!