The festive season means only one thing, it’s time to go all out and bring joy indoors. The easiest way to do so? Add some sparkle inside, preferably to every surface – but a tasteful touch is also acceptable.

With a season that rejects the concept of less is more, we’ve got the top ways to bring that extra bit of sparkle into your home. From December, through to the New Year – we’ve got the top tips of how to best kitsch up your home interiors.


Christmas time is synonymous with everything sequinned. If you add a cluster of the reflective trim to anything, it instantly becomes festive friendly.

Your interiors are no different, so we recommend adding sequins into your home decor to add instant joy to you and anyone who visits.

Sequins help to bring a sparkle inside to your homes, which is always a welcome addition when it comes to the dark, long evenings of December. They help to emulate twinkling stars or glittering horizons which helps to bring a cosy atmosphere.

It may be that sequins will be a temporary addition to your home for Christmas, or you want to bring some sparkle inside year round. Nevertheless, we recommend working carefully with sequins not to overwhelm a space.

Trying something like these sequin encrusted cushions by Tess Daly are the perfect way to add a touch of sparkle inside your home. 

​​a sequin gold cushion adding sparkle inside whilst placed on a bed

Available in both rose and yellow gold, these are the epitome of glamour for your home.


Nothing says Christmas like a candle burning. From the candles lit in church carol services, to your favourite festive scent. What’s more, it’s an easy way to bring some extra sparkle to your home.

There’s nothing quite like the flickering low glow of a candle flame to create a perfectly cosy and hygge setting. We recommend using a few together to bring more light. To enable you to turn the lights off and watch TV under candlelight alone.

an image of four red candles lit on a table in a dim room with a christmas tree in the background adding sparkle inside

Make sure to trim your wicks to reduce smoke, and ensure the first time you burn it that the wax melts to the edges to ensure even burning. Just ensure to place it on a non flammable surface, and that you always blow them out before you sleep.


Christmas ornaments are a necessary part of every home that celebrates Christmas. Whether you put the tree up in November, or December 20th – it’s essential to perfect your ornament theme for ultimate festive cheer.

To help bring extra sparkle inside your home, opt for a selection which features a high shine, glitter or metallic look. This helps to reflect the other aspects of your home which are bringing light to your interior.

a wooden reindeer ornament hanging from a Christmas tree branch

Additionally, bringing sparkle into your home doesn’t need to be read literally. Bringing in whimsical or trend-led themes with your ornaments can lift your interior, to bring a festive sparkle without any glitter. 

Our favourites for this year are food and drink ornaments for a charming feel. Alternatively, pared back, wooden or paper figurines to help reflect the Japandi trend of 2021.

Fairy Lights

Twinkling multi coloured or warm white lights contrasting against the dark green of a Christmas tree is a symbol of festive cheer.

Christmas lights became a tradition to replace candles that were used to decorate trees. These candles symbolised Christ being the light of the world. This tradition prevails today, with no greater joy being found than a sparkling set of lights adorning a tree or home.

A minimal and classic approach to fairy lights is to go for a string of warm, white lights. Or for a more traditional and Germanic style, use multi-coloured string lights for your tree.

a room with fairy lights strung around as well as a narrow christmas tree set up with fairy lights

Some top tips for making sure your tree lights look best, opt for roughly 80 lights per foot of a tree, to ensure your tree is filled with lights. Smaller bulbs work best for smaller trees, to perfect that sparkling look, with bigger bulbs fitted for trees above 6ft. 

It’s most likely that if you do choose a real tree, that you will need more lights as the branches are denser.


A material that is an instant way to bring some sparkle indoors is gold. Synonymous with Christmas, it was one of the gifts brought to the baby Jesus by the three kings.

Gold can be brought into your interior in multiple ways for the festive season. From little details such as candle holders or the star at the top of the tree, all the way to a gold flecked tablecloth or even a rug.

We love this Mad Men Columbus rug in Gold.

the mad men columbus gold rug adding sparkle inside in a white living room, set beside a white sofa

Made by the Belgian designer Louis De Poortere, this is a luxury style that looks as good as gold. Woven on jacquard looms from 85% cotton and 15% high gloss polyester for a premium option for look and feel.

It’s a subtle way to bring sparkle into your home, without overwhelming a space or feeling too seasonal. 


From wrapping paper, to cards to decorations – glitter is the fuel that keeps the festive period running. You may get annoyed that it seems to get everywhere, but it helps to bring that sparkle and joy inside.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to using glitter in the festive period. If you don’t have the existing decorations then you can make your own. 

a christmas present box with a gold glittery lid is set on a surface with lights and gold snowflakes

We love making homemade snowflakes from paper and adorning them in glitter. It’s a perfect way to get into the festive mood Plus, an ideal activity to do with children over the school holidays.


If glitter is a little over the top for your tastes, then opting for something with a bit of shimmer can be a way to bring sparkle inside.

This can be achieved through the use of metallics or decorations such as tinsel. Another DIY solution that is cheap and relatively easy to do is to source some natural materials, from pine cones to branches and leaves. Simply buy a wood spray paint from a local hardware shop, and transform an old branch to your new decor masterpiece. 

Ensure to spray paint while outside, and on top of newspapers so not to damage your patio or garden.

If you’re not fully on board with going to gather resources for some arts and crafts, bring some instant glamour and festive sparkle indoors with our Dazzle Shaggy rug, in a range of shades from midnight blue to grey.

the dazzle midnight blue shaggy rug with shimmer thread is set on a floor in a living room space

The super soft rug is instant glamour, featuring a thick pile which is perfect for colder months to keep the chill from your home while adding some instant sparkle.


Another way to bring some joy to your decor is to bring a wreath to your home. Your front door is what sets the tone for your interiors, so for Christmas it’s a prerequisite to display a wreath.

This is another example of bringing sparkle to your home where you don’t specifically need any glitter or gold – if that’s not your sort of thing.

a christmas wreath is laid on a dark teal door

You can buy your own, or even choose to build a wreath for a unique feel. Just ensure you use dark green foliage, such as holly, ivy and fir. Then make sure there’s a contrasting accent detail, whether it’s bells, ribbons or bright red berries.


We hope we’ve helped to inspire you for your plans this Christmas. Have any extravagant ideas to bring the season of joy indoors? Let us know in the comments!