If you are drawn by more minimalistic forms of interior design then you will want to keep flourishes to a minimum around the house. This means you have to choose your flourishes quite carefully – only going for those that contribute a lot to the house in one single swoop. This is definitely something you can say about modern rugs.

Modern rugs are really highly prized at home because they bring colour, style, texture and layers to the room. They create interest without making the room feel too busy. For many people, this is a real asset because they want their homes to have that simple contemporary visual appeal and they dislike the idea that their interior spaces could become suffocated by needless additions.

What rugs to go for really depends on where you are getting your colour from. If you already have colourful walls and furniture then it might be best to go for something plain and neutral, possible even a natural rug that will complement without being intrusive. If your setup so far is quite neutral then you can go for more colourful modern rugs, but it’s up to you whether you feel plain ones or patterned ones would work best.