British heritage style is enjoying a period of real popularity at the moment, with men and women donning British heritage style clothing and getting involved in vintage activities and hobbies befitting their current favourite look. There’s obviously something classic about this particular fashion movement and this strays into home design too. It’s possible to go for a British heritage design when you choose your rugs.

The best thing to do when trying to get a British heritage style going in your living room is to think about the sorts of rugs that are popular in places you might particularly associate with the whole Old Boys aesthetic. You’re looking at traditional rugs primarily – those that wouldn’t look out of place in a plush headmaster’s office, a fancy tennis club and so on!

Traditional rugs have that collectors’ item feel about them that really resonates with the Old Boys theme and recalls foreign travel and enterprise, even though today we associate such styles as being quite British. That’s just because we’ve adopted oriental styles when it comes to rugs and grown fond of Eastern influences on design. Paradoxically, it’s the oriental rugs that fit the bill when it comes to British heritage style!