Designer Focus: Matthew Williamson

Matthew Williamson is an award-winning, British interior designer known predominantly for his unique and unrivalled use of pattern and colour. Matthew has drawn on his decades of experience and pivoted seamlessly into the world of interior design.

Reminiscent of his mother’s style and childhood home, his beautiful, bold designs come together to bring a smile to your face. Each statement-making piece captures the essence of Matthews own designer flair through his many sources of inspiration.

We discover the influence behind Matthew’s love for design and colour and celebrate our favourite pieces from his ever-growing collection of stunning rugs. See our favourite rug designs below, followed by words from the designer himself.

Our Top Picks

With colourful and carefully constructed design, Matthew’s love and appreciation for the natural world is extremely evident in his style.

We have put together a selection of our current favourite picks that we have been loving right now.

Oh So Sisco

Inspired by the vibrancy of San Fransico, the Oh So Sisco rug is bright and bold. This playful design combines the overlap of the rainbow-like motif with the dramatic plumage of majestic peacocks in a vibrant colourway. A fusion of pink and turquoise emit a luxurious feel, certain to create a bold statement in any home.

Cross My Palms

Similarly, the Cross My Palms rug depicts a fresh, clean feather motif. Taking inspiration by the fronds of the eponymous palm trees of the area, striking tones of blush pink and mint green combine to create this beautiful botanical print. Big on personality, this beautiful rug will provide an essence of Californian charm to any space, perfect for the living room and bedroom areas.

Sunset Dreams

Introducing the luxury Sunset Dreams rug capturing a magical golden glow of the sun as it sets over the sea. Taking inspiration from Matthew’s artistic impressions of the Cala Deià, the natural beauty of sunsets is captured in this rug. Shades of gold, pink and blue bleed into each other giving movement to the space in which the pattern features.

Influence, Colour and Style – With Matthew Williamson

We caught up with Matthew and asked him some questions to discover out more about his style and finding the root of inspiration behind such beautiful rugs and homeware accessories.

Q. What elements define your style?

“Colour and pattern are the two pillars of my style. I love the vibrancy and electricity of colour alongside the intricacy and hand-worked beauty of pattern.”

Q. Where do you find inspiration?

“The natural world is a constant source of inspiration for me. Across the collection, there are varying inspirations including the natural world and sun-steeped landscapes. For example, Sunset Dreams captures the magical, golden glow of a long summer’s evening while Sunrise Haze emulates the pastel sun rising over the Cala Deià. Global travel also weaves its way through the collection, with allusions to San Franciscan rainbows in Oh So Sisco, Moroccan architecture in Atlas Sky and Indonesian dyeing techniques in Iris Ikat.”

Q. What are your favourite rug designs?

“Each design in this collection brings something different to a space. The rug you choose will depend on the style, shape and feel of your space.”

Q.What are your favourite interior trends right now?

“When sourcing pieces like flooring for your home, it’s important to bear in mind that the only person it needs to impress, touch, or inspire is you (and any family members!). Never buy homeware to impress or pander to anyone else, any trends, or because you think something would ‘look the part’ in a room. Your home needs to resonate with you, whether it reminds you of something fundamental about the way you wish to live your life, or it simply makes you smile.”

Q. What is your favourite colour to use in your designs?

“My use of colour depends on contrast and the way colours speak to each other. Although pinks and turquoises appear frequently in my work, my favourite colour to use in any design is the one that works with the space, the location and the furniture and accessories.”

Q. Who is your favourite designer and why?

“I have always been inspired and enamoured by Zandra Rhodes. I had admired her work from afar and was looking for a job during my year out from a degree in fashion at St Martin’s School of Art. I love her unique look and her body of work. She is totally individual and her eclecticism has always appealed to me.”

Q. How do you begin thinking about styling a rug in your home?

“A beautiful rug can give you a palette or a sounding board for the rest of the room, so choosing a rug first is a great place to start. You could pick out specific colours from the weave and take them onto the walls, into the soft furnishings and even up onto the ceiling for a dramatic look. You could also experiment with pattern, pairing the coalescing leopard spots of Leopard Love with a striking floral wallpaper or sofa.”

Q.  In what ways is design evolving and what new directions and creative opportunities might we expect to see in the near future?

“We have just come through a long period of design and innovation that placed little stock in eco-awareness. Design is evolving into a more morally-driven space, placing more of an emphasis on alternative materials or ‘investment buys,’ meaning consumers are buying well, and buying once. Second hand and antique furniture also fall into this category. I particularly love giving a new lease of life to an otherwise forgotten sideboard or cabinet.”

Q. Style trend from the past you’d like to bring back?

“There is certainly a Seventies revival at the moment across both interiors and fashion design. I love that look, and would love to live in a world full of vintage cars, retro clothes and furniture from the period. I love the mustards, yellows, blues and greens, as well as the intense floral and geometric prints that characterise the decade.”

Q. What are your favourite things to do when you are not working?

“I feel incredibly lucky to be able to combine work and play almost constantly. When I’m not working on a design or print commission for a new collaboration or specifying amazing wallpapers or antiques for a client’s home, you can usually find me in my studio working up a new canvas or sketching from blooms foraged from my garden.”


Thank you Matthew for taking the time to answer our questions! We are proud to feature your fabulous collection of rugs on our main site. 

Discover the colourful and bold designs of Matthew Williamson here, and stay tuned for more fabulous homeware products coming soon.