Creative Headboard Transformations

Creative Headboard Transformations

In many cases, a bedroom is not complete if there isn’t a stunning headboard as a focal point. Whether your style is modern, rustic, simple or luxury, there are thousands of great ideas for the creation of own to give another breath of your bedroom.

So listen up, because we are now here to share some beautiful DIY inspirations with you.

Furniture Headboards

There are so many ways to create a cool, unique and alternate headboard for your bedroom. It’s possible to make one for a cheap price or even free, and with our list of inspiration, you’re bound to find something you like.

Room Divider As A Headboard

Room dividers can be used not only to divide the space in the room, but they can also be used to beauty your home.

Even though this isn’t a usual way to use a room divider it’s still quite cool. You’ll get a nice decor element and a headboard at once.

White Room Divider As A Headboard

Find a unique wall panel or room screen and hang it behind your bed. For extra contrast, remove the screen’s boring paper backing and paint the screen’s frame in a colour that ties into your bedroom’s décor.

Geometrically-patterned screens or room dividers create the most contemporary impact.

White Room Divider As A Headboard

Mix and match beautifully carved decorative wall panels for a striking alternative. The different patterns will add detail to a room and create a unique 3D mosaic effect.

The intricate carvings can be enhanced with a coat of distressed white paint, adding a shabby chic feel that works well in a country setting teamed with vintage bedlinen, embroidered textiles and a pile of cosy cushions.

White Room Divider As A Headboard

Today many different kinds of styles and colours are available in the market, so it might be a bit confusing and overwhelming when trying to pick the best room divider for your home.

Storage As A Headboard

Tidy up your bedroom with storage right behind your head. As headboards can be a great way to add a distinctive, personal touch to your bed and your whole bedroom.

Create a storage statement with the help of ready-to-assemble closet components. Use old dresser drawers and storage cubes to create a one-of-a-kind headboard.

When space is at a premium, make every piece of furniture earn its keep!

White Storage As A Headboard

This sleek bed above has storage for books, plus under-bed storage for clothes. Clever!

Frame your bed with built-ins to create a cosy alcove.

This inexpensive option features furniture secured to each other and the wall. The white storage matches the room and adds style, while the contrast of black and white highlights the bedding.

White Storage As A Headboard

If you plan on installing a custom unit, consider built-in bedside lighting.

Add wallpaper and paint to coordinate with your decor. Also, decorate your bedroom with art pieces to tie the room together.

Area Rug As A Headboard

Who says rugs have to stay underfoot?

Here’s an easy way to cover up a plain headboard without spending a ton of time or cash!

Instead of a standard headboard, add drama to your bedroom by hanging a bold textile behind your head. Use a sisal, shag or flatweave rug or try a tapestry, throw or bedspread.

Area Rug As A Headboard

If you’re not keen your current headboard, this is a great way to cover it up and add some character and a colourful pop.

Find or buy an inexpensive rug in colours that coordinate with your bedroom décor. A standard 5×8 rug is wide enough to match a queen size bed. A lightweight and thin rug such as our Mahal rugs are the easiest type of rug to work with.

The fun thing about using rugs is you can hang them vertically or horizontally depending on what size bed you are using.  The image above shows a nice chic touch.

Area Rug As A Headboard

Any rug or blanket can be made into a headboard professionally too.  A blanket may be less expensive than fabric.

If you’re allowed to hang tapestries in your room then use one of those, or a flag of your favourite country or sports team. You can also purchase a display headboard rod if you aren’t allowed to hang tapestries from the wall or ceiling.


Tapestries on the wall are great for retaining heat and for noise dampening. They can also be used to create an awesome visual element.

Themed Headboards

Have you thought about creating a theme in your bedroom inspired by the style of a particular decade or era? This can greatly affect your mood upon entering the room and spice up the place by reflecting your inner personality.

Tropical Headboard

Spend the night in paradise! Or at least feel like you’re somewhere tropical with this island-inspired headboard.

A vibrant luau inspired headboard encompassing tropical island vibes is a great way to help incorporate an island theme.

Tropical Hawaiian Bamboo Headboard

This superb contemporary design adds more than a touch of luxury and glamour to your bedroom.

Cover your existing headboard with bamboo. An inexpensive bamboo rug is ideal for this project. Adhere the edges with wood glue. Hide the unfinished edges with a border of bamboo canes cut in half and glue to the headboard.

Tropical Bamboo Headboard

This will brighten up any wall. Made of real bamboo wood, you can decorate it however you want to match your bedroom décor.

These are certain to bring a festive atmosphere to your bedroom. You and your friends can set the tone of a themed party with this tropical inspired headboard.

Nautical As A Headboard

Got some oars in the house? Store them above your bed as an added decoration!

Celebrate life at sea with an accent headboard that would work especially well in a nautical themed room.

Being creative with oars can create a nautical or beach theme for your bedroom. You could use two oars in a cross pattern or use multiple oars up and down to create this in your own way.

Nautical Oars As A Headboard

Rather than dressing up an unfinished headboard with lots of detail, dress it down and keep it simple.

Here, multiple oars have been glued together to create this unique and different headboard. It is centred on a cheerful blue-painted wall, it’s rustic layout gives the piece a finished look.

Nautical Oars As A Headboard

The secret to creating a chic and relaxing nautical bedroom is to stick to one specific aspect of the nautical theme. Picking a single item or creating a simple grouping of items that revolve around the same theme.

In the image above, the multiple oars itself is the focal point and brings the room together along with the wall colour and furniture accents.

Maps As A Headboard

For those world-travellers out there, use paper road maps to make a “Map Quest” headboard.

If you want gorgeous eclectic bedroom design, you can combine a headboard with a vintage map wall art.

Why spend money buying an upholstered headboard when you can DIY instead! It’s easy and cheap to transform an old one into an unexpected treasure.

Maps As A Headboard

Plan all sorts of intercontinental adventures with this playful map headboard. Just use simple decoupage techniques to attach your maps.

Use pulled pages pulled from maps, as shown above. If maps aren’t your forte, you can use comic books, sheet music, or anything else that tickles your fancy!

This is the perfect thing to spruce up your bedroom or guest room.

Artistic Headboards

You can be extremely creative with headboards by converting them into artwork. From murals to handmade crafts, turn an antique headboard into a headboard that makes you feel like home.

Art As A Headboard

Are you artistic? Or just love art?

A wall mural or painting can be a great headboard.

Art As A Headboard

If you’re wanting a softer more padded effect, paint or print your art on a large canvas, mount it to a frame and pad the backside for a custom, upholstered art headboard.

A graphic headboard that you or someone else has designed will look unique and fun in your bedroom. Give your bed a quick and easy makeover and make a bold statement in your space.

Chalk Board As A Headboard

Create a headboard that is bold and artistic as this is the ultimate non-commitment headboard.

Use a chalkboard as your headboard, like the one below. Leave yourself or your roommates cute and motivational inspiration. You may find that your friends will leave you messages if they stop by your room and you’re not there.

Chalk Board As A Headboard

If you want to give your room a contemporary look, go with a chalkboard design. Chalkboard paint features prominently in this elegant yet unpretentious headboard design. Add a new message daily to reflect your mood, or leave a note for a sleeping loved one. Whimsical and artistic, it’s an easy and budget-friendly DIY.

Why not paint a part of the wall with chalkboard paint and write whatever you want on it? If you are student reviewing for an exam or just love a quick doodle, this is a good idea!

Rope As A Headboard

A headboard takes up a chunk of wall space, so it’s often what people see first when they enter a bedroom. It will be focal point-worthy just by using coloured rope.

There are lots of ways in which you can personalise your bedroom. It all depends on your preferences. The furniture you buy is not everything you need to worry about. There are also other elements that can be adapted and there are even things you can do by yourself to change the décor of the bedroom.

Rope As A Headboard

For example, you can make this by using a minimum of materials.

For an abstract look, use different colours of rope to create a custom design.

The picture below gets a shot of colour when use coloured rope to create a stunning headboard. In different directions like a dream catcher, this one is tied through holes punched into the frame, Also, as this design isn’t permanent, you can change the look with the seasons— bright or bold in summer and calm and subtle in winter.

Rope As A Headboard

This is a very simple and fun project!

At the end, you’ll have an original headboard made by yourself. It will be a colourful addition to the bedroom and it will be a fun project itself.

More Inspiration

Below are some other great concepts for you to consider. Here is some additional inspiration for creative transformation ideas:

wall art headboard mirror headboard curatins headboard mirror headboard rope headboard union jack headboard firewood headboard wooden green door headboard industrial style metallic headboard reclaimed wood headboard mirror headboard


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