Will Neo Mint dominate in 2020?

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2020 will be the year that a super-futuristic vision becomes reality…

For years we’ve been imagining life in 2020, and now the worlds of technology and science are turning these dreams into reality. As the buzz around these futuristic times will drive a trend towards colours that capture this sensibility.

Expect to see a new colour trend slowly rise in popularity over the next twelve months: Neo Mint.

But why is colour important? It’s has become even more of a focal point over the past year or so, particularly in the design industries, and it’s pioneered by huge trends such as millennial pink and Gen Z yellow – colours that have influenced everything from t-shirts to store interiors.

As we near 2020, we will see the clean, pure tone Neo Mint as the colour of choice.

How did WGSN predict this colour for 2020?

Neo Mint WGSN S/S 2020 Prediction

Source WGSN

According to WGSN Neo Mint is going to be the colour for S/S 2020, so expect to see it start filtering into fashion and interiors in the run up to 2020. It’s a colour move forward from the established position Greenery has held in the interiors field in recent years, adding a bit of a retro vibe to the green corner of the colour palette.

WGSN uses a variety of sources to predict upcoming colours. As well as attending trade shows where the same colours start to emerge across industry fairs, they also look to fashion. In this case Oxford Street, where you can see neo mint as an accent colour in many high street shop displays.

In today’s world, they also use technology, using data to point to which colours are selling well. Social media of course plays a part, particularly visual platforms such as Instagram.

This shade is a vivid neon-mint green with an “oxygenating, fresh tone”, according to trend forecasting company WGSN. This cool-toned minty pastel colour combines a futuristic, ultra-modern feel with the green of nature and the environment.

Why wait for 2020? Get ahead of the game and get your Neo Mint fix now!

So why the shade Mint?

Neo Mint Shades of Green

Source BHG

There are a lot of green shades out there, from Botanical inspired spring greens, to bright aquas and rich emeralds. ‘Neo Mint’ is the brand spanking-new fresh pastel tone that is set to dominate both the catwalks and the interiors sector over the next few months, however.

The colour was first picked out by the trend forecasters WGSN, (the team who also predicted ‘frozen yellow’ as the colour of SS18, which was picked up by both Nike and Balenciaga), after carrying out extensive research on street fashion, sales of online retailers, current affairs and social media. WGSN’s colour Director, Jane Monnington discovered that society will soon be after ‘a shade that succinctly aligns futuristic development with nature.’ Green is calming and yet holds the promise of something exciting, optimistic and new.

Inspired by science, technology & nature

According to WGSN, neo mint is a nod to the new decade.  Its popularity will be driven by a celebration of science and technology. 2020 will see ‘super futuristic’ visions turned into reality.  We’ll see the first AI Olympic Games take place as gymnasts are scored with artificial intelligence, the world’s tallest building will be completed and the NASA Mars 2020 rover will begin its mission.

Neo Mint Interior with Greenery

When it comes to a colour for 2020, Neo Mint [will harmonise] science and technology with nature. It has a cool, futuristic tech feel but also connects with plant life and nature. – WGSN

In 2017,  Pantone named “Greenery” as their Colour of the Year.  Various tones of green have been popular ever since.  Neo Mint moves away from the botanical shades that have dominated the high street for the last two years towards a brighter, lighter shade.

The need for change

Colour trends come and go with each season. They reflect what customers want in both the interiors and fashion world and how society can be interpreted at a particular moment.

Neo mint is a response to the popularity of millennial pink, a soft and trendy pink hue that has dominated interiors, fashion and just about everything else over the last few years. Neo mint is a rebellion against the pink shade, but it still retains a similar fresh, young vibe.

Neo Mint Key Colour Evolution Image

Source WGSN

Millennial pink, for example, tapped into the social need for things to look both rosy and fun and yet have a sophisticated edge. It gave the colour pink to the masses – but prepare yourself for change. It may soon be time to wave goodbye to the Millennial pink phase and say hello to the new ‘it’ colour for 2020: ‘Neo Mint.’


What do you think of Neo Mint? Is it something that you think will stick around for the future or just a passing trend? Share your ideas below, we’d love to hear about what you and your friends think!