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The North is prepared to fight, and the battles have begun with last season of Game of Thrones! We know you’ve been expecting it if you’re a true fan of this show, and because we’re such fans as well, we’re bringing you some of our best ideas of Game of Thrones inspired interior design, presenting you with the best decor to bring Westeros into your home!

Take your fandom to the next level with design tips for updating your home like your favourite House from the show—whether it ends up being in honour of victory or memoriam. Here are nine elements that would bring Seven Kingdoms style to your home using rugs.


Game of Thrones House Lannister

Elaborate, glamorous decor will evoke thoughts of King’s Landing, where the wealthy and powerful Lannisters reside. Living in a castle is no mean feat; the Lannisters have rich taste and a lavish lifestyle to uphold, which is reflected in their choice of decorative. Adorn your space with elegant gold pieces and rich colours to create luxurious looks fit for royalty. Drape plenty of classy fabrics and don’t hesitate to use ornate tiling for the floors. An accent wall featuring floral motif wallpaper is a flawless backdrop for a stunning crystal chandelier. Rich reds and twinkling golds adorn their family coat of arms – a colour scheme that can easily be introduced into your own home by adding red accessories.

Game of Thrones Heritage Rugs

Royal Classic Rugs in Peach

Game of Thrones Royal Classic Rugs

Heritage Rugs in Terracotta


Game of Thrones House Stark

Ok, so there may not be many Starks left to write about, but they were the original house of the North and so deserve a mention. Filmed in Ireland, the Stark lodgings certainly hold a medieval feel. Just like Castle Black, they need to keep heat in and the cold out, opting for fur throws and hearty log fires in each of the bedrooms. The colours are earthy, with touches of beige and grey on soft furnishings to complement the dark wood panels. To get the look in your own home, add thick woolly throws in browns, greys and blacks to your bed, or an animal inspired dark cow-hide rug to either the floor or the wall.

Game of Thrones Montana Shaggy Rugs

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Game of Thrones Plush Rugs

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Game of Thrones House Baratheon
Before House Baratheon became the royal house, its seat was at Storm’s End, part of the most heavily forested regions in the Seven Kingdoms. Thus, the beauty of the woods represents this house, including the stag on their sigil. With Renly’s marriage to Margaery Tyrell and the influence of Melisandre on Stannis, greens, golds and fire came into play with their respective sigils. Dark woods and earth tones are prevalent. Ornate scrollwork mimics that of branches or antlers.
Game of Thrones Kalahari Rugs

Kalahari Oryx Rugs in Beige

Game of Thrones Woodland Rugs

Woodland Rugs in Beige


Game of Thrones House Martell

As seen in season five, the Alcazar of Seville plays host to the House Martell as their summer residence. The palace has beautiful ceramic tiles in a multitude of colours and features gold ceilings; oozing opulence and prestige. To design your own decorative boudoir, invest in Moroccan inspired lamps and an afghan print rug in rich red. From the southernmost city of Sunspear, surrounded by deserts, sits House Martell. By city name and banner, sun and spears are important elements to this design as are unique patterns with colourful tiles, many mosaics. Because of the warmer climate, outdoor spaces are key and typically blend with indoor spaces.

Game of Thrones Moroccan Shaggy Rugs

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Game of Thrones Gatsby Rugs

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Game of Thrones House Targaryen

Daenerys Targaryen is on a mission to reclaim the Iron Throne with—after losing one to the White Walkers—a duo of vicious dragons by her side. With brief stints in several cities, The Dragon Queen has moved on from Dothraki tents into the dark and moody castle of Dragonstone. As avid viewers and fans of the Stormborn, see how we chose to represent this house. Fire and blood are the main themes of the House Targaryen coat of arms, which also feature their beloved dragons. Why not include accessories like this a twisted frame mirror, or a dragon scale inspired cream wool rug to get the Targaryen influence into your interior?

Game of Thrones Tattoo Dragon Rug

Tattoo Dragon Rugs in Red

Game of Thrones Le Reve Fire Rugs

Le Reve Rugs in Flame


Game of Thrones House Greyjoy
The House of Greyjoy rules from the Iron Islands, where they have one of the largest ship fleets of Westeros. Legends tell that they descended from the Grey King, who had a mermaid for a wife. Despite what sounds like a tropical, beachy design, the islands that make up the region are rough, rocky, and typically cloudy and grey.
Game of Thrones Celestial Rugs

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Game of Thrones Seaweed Rugs

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Game of Thrones House Tyrell
House Tyrell is seated at Highgarden. As the name implies and the sigil confirms, roses, gardens, and pretty much all things floral represent this house. The women of Highgarden wear breezy dresses in beautiful shades of greens and blues, with touches of gold. Similar colours and airy textiles are key to this design; think curtain sheers.
Game of Thrones House Tyrell Floral Rugs

Reef Floral Rugs in Multi

Game of Thrones House Tyrell Floral Rugs

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Game of Thrones Nights Watch

The men of the Night’s Watch guard the Wall on the Northern border of the Seven Kingdoms, and it can get pretty chilly at Castle Black. Layering is key for both outfits and interiors, and they don’t stray much from black, which represents their raven symbol. It’s minimalist in the dining hall of Castle Black, with solid wood tables and the glow of candle light. Why not recreate the look with stainless steel cups, a black sheepskin rug and wooden tea-light holders to really get the rustic feel of the North?

Game of Thrones Faux Fur Rugs for Warmth

Faux Fur Rugs in Grey

Game of Thrones Faux Fur Rugs for Warmth

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Which Game of Thrones house do you belong in? To celebrate the final season, get your house in order with a new rug! Leave a comment below and let’s chat!