Our Brand New Ranges For Summer ’16

We’ve got a wonderful range of new collections of rugs this month from The Rug Seller, with styles to fit any décor or budget. With ranges to breathe a new lease of life into a room, or to add the finishing touches needed to a room to perfect your décor.

We’re always on a look out for any new, unique and eye-catching pieces, to ensure you can get your interior looking the best it can be with a choice of fabulous rugs!

Here’s our rundown of our very favourites of this month’s new arrivals, with something for everyone with the best in designs and colour ranges to offer.

New Collections: What’s Hot

Onix Triangles Rug in Yellow

This beautiful Onix triangles rug will set off any room with it’s bright, geometric yellow shapes. The bright colours contrast against the grey, and paired with the unevenly sized triangles it creates a stylish and striking design to brighten up any room. This whole range offers a collection of bold and eye-catching designs on contrasting colours to make any room pop.


Revive Rug in Grey

This beautifully vintage design is one of our favourites from the new collections, the contrasting patchwork designs with the altering hues of grey offers a neutral shade to fit into a range of decors, while offering a unique and interesting design to lift an interior.

Discover more about this design and the rest of the range here.


Children of the World Rugs

This is a slightly more whimsical design, in bright and simple cartoonish images in bright, primary colours that any child will love! The design works to educate your child, while offering a positive message of friendship and acceptance.

Take a look at our range of educational rugs for children here.

Children of the world-Blue1

Arte Espina Screen Rugs

This beautifully coloured rug takes on the ombre trend to huge success. We love the bright strands that flow into each other with the contrasting and complementing colours. The intricacy of the colours and textures creates a beautiful depth and design that can bring a certain nuance to any interior.




What’s New

Celestial Range

The Nourison Celestial Range is a beautifully unique collection that we’re excited to bring you. The lustrous rainbow of colours used in these rugs are blended together to create a finish that is soft, despite the bold colours. With a piece from this range in your home, there’s no denying the statement it will create in your home’s décor.

Discover this beautiful range here.

celestialcelestial 2

Flatweave Range

The Ligne Pure’s Flatweave range is a fabulous collection that’s new this month. The Flatweave collection gives some beautifully bright and colourfully rich pieces with contrasting stripes, or subtler neutral shades.

No matter what the décor, the Flatweave rugs offer quality in material and design to brighten any interior – you can see more here.

FW color FW color 2

Cooper Range

This Barclay Butera range offers a sophisticated and muted style, with metallic geometric grid designs, overlaid on unique patchwork materials. It’s one of our most unique from our new collections, and we love the designs!

This range has a fabulous level of depth and texture, with the use of materials such as denim and recycled cowhide to create a subtle and unique beauty of an interior design masterpiece.

Discover this unique range here.

cooper 1 cooper 2

Colourful Marrakesh Range

This collection offers a more traditional feel, with the intricate and ornate designs of this Marrakesh Rug range by Weconhome. The use of dusky colours, contrasted with bright red, pinks and oranges bring a worn but warm feel to this collection. It would look fabulous in a shabby-chic styled room, or any space with a more rustic feel.

Shop the look here.

marrakesh marrkesh 2

Our Pick of The Month

Our very favourite of all the new collections this month is this particularly stunning piece.

pick of month

The beautifully intricate flowers drawn in a dreamily swirling fashion is a delicate but bold design. Place this rug in a neutrally coloured space for a pop of colour as a feature piece to brighten the room.

Or use it to co-ordinate bold elements of a room to bring out certain features of the rug, such as the elegant red central Lily with reds of a room to make your interior really pop.

Find this piece here, and explore more from the Ligne Pure Colors range here.

This Month’s Trends

With trends constantly changing, it’s hard to keep up sometimes – which is why we’re here to do it for you. Check out our pick of rugs that master the upcoming trends that we can see being big this month.


Geometrics is a design trend that’s coming up in interior design in a big way. Harking back to nostalgic 70s and 80s designs, but with a modern twist of colour – this Ligne Pure rug does the trend right.

The bold and regulated pattern creates a modern look, and can be teamed with minimalist furniture to create a striking interior look. Find this exact rug here.



In these summer months, Scandinavian style rugs may not be the first to spring to mind, but the stylistic décor of this region is undeniably glamorous. Team a faux fur rug like this Pelle Feel Rug in brown with a wooden floor for a rustic and Nordic fresh feel that works all year round. Shop this Scandinavian trend.



Pastel colours are a theme that’s staying strong across a lot of our collections, with the bright colours bringing the essence of summer with the luscious, but not overwhelming designs. Bring the colours of nature inside and breathe a new lease of life into a room that’s looking a little drab. Brighten up your home space with this Ligne Pure Flatweave rug here.



We’re always refreshing our ranges here at The Rug Seller, be sure to check out our blog and social media to be the first to preview our latest styles!