It’s often the case that the space you want to fill with a rug is actually quite compact. We all know the benefits of large rugs that act as stunning centrepieces, but there’s a lot to be said for small rugs too. They help to make something of compact areas that might otherwise leave something to be desired in terms of style and interior design.

Small rugs are particularly useful in bedrooms. This is because bedrooms rarely leave much in the way of spare floor space once the bed and wardrobe and other items of furniture are in place. However, those areas of floor space that do remain unoccupied tend to be more attractive and more comfortable when they are filled with a nice compact rug.

Of course, it’s not just appropriate to put a small rug in a bedroom. It’s often the case that floor space is at a premium in living rooms and conservatories too, so rugs of smaller dimensions are obviously much better here than large rugs that encroach too far into the corners and sides of the room or too close to items of furniture.