hipster interior design grey rug on white flooring with vintage home accessories surrounding

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Hipster home decor is creeping in as a recurring trend throughout interior design in recent years. The term ‘hipster’ encompasses everything that is quirky, creative and bang on trend. Hipsters have wholeheartedly embraced a minimalist trend and style that’s effortlessly more creative than the mainstream trends.

Embracing a hipster home means mismatching several different trends and styles. The beauty of this look is that it mixes different design ideas – like classic and cool – with little thought or planning. The trend is influenced by a limited budget and vintage outlook.

With a few quirky touches, perfecting hipster home decor is easier than you think. We’ve got a few tips to help you so you don’t have to trawl through charity shops for the perfect accessories.

hipster interior design living room with red cabinets and chairs with a multicoloured rug beneath

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When updating your home, a little can go a long way. You need to think of creating a minimalist artisan feel that will work with any quirky home decor accessories, can uplift your space easily. A true hipster home would grow over time, from upcycled tins from a Korean corner shop, to Charlie Parker records on the wall from a charity shop. But if you don’t have years to put together your hipster home decor, you can cheat your way forward with these easy styles.

All Things Rustic

Reclaimed wood, metal accents and muted colour schemes are essential for any hipster home. Think bare concrete or exposed brick – anything to add that subtle touch of originality into your home.

Whether you’re channelling that rural aesthetic or painting from a palette of greys, beiges and creams, it’s the minimalism that shouts hipster home decor. It’s the look of a home that’s been carefully curated, but made to look effortless.

Hipster home decor is intrinsically linked to the industrial trend. It’s linked into harking back to the vintage of the industrial period and the simpler times of rustic interiors. Find some inspiration of the industrial with our concrete home inspirations.

This combination of bare brickwork, concrete chairs and wood is the extreme hipster look. Paired with the industrial style metal lights, and it’s extreme hipster chic.

hipster home decor with concrete chairs around a wooden table with exposed brick walls and a metal light fixture

Out-Dated Technology

From the gramophone to the typewriter, most hipster homes are populated with obsolete tech. Whether it’s the authentic crackle of an original LP or the curiosity of an old and unused Singer sewing machine – hipster home decor is perfected by all things vintage. There’s just something about dead technology that brings that instant retro aesthetic into any home design.

Hipster style works to mix the old and the new, incorporating vintage items with a modern twist. Old technology doesn’t override the new – the polaroid doesn’t beat the smartphone! Mix vintage with bold and bright colours for a modern feel.

Even an old style polaroid camera or an old clock will inject that old vintage feel into your home. You can search in charity shops for an authentic sort, or even look for items online in a vintage style. Just think old fashioned and quirky to help bring that hipster home decor feel.

hipster home decor wooden desk with a blue and silver typewriter underneath a bright noticeboard

Pop Culture Collector

Changing your home into a shrine of niche music, film and television is a great way to express yourself. Old records, some musical instruments, a little mess; these are the components that help create the hipster home décor look. You can’t call your house a hipster home if you don’t have a record player with an extensive vinyl collection of Bowie or Morrissey tracks.

You can use decorative shelves to fill with old records and display them to the world. And don’t forget the books – a shelf filled with well-thumbed penguin classics by the likes of Kerouac and Woolf will up your hipster credentials instantly. Hipster is all about straying from the mainstream. Even go so far as framing some of your favourite records or record sleeves and artwork for a really low maintenance but effective hipster home decor piece.

hipster home decor an apartmetn with a vintage look and vinyl collection

Reduce, Reuse and Upcycle

A hipster home is all about bringing in affordable retro furniture, so expect to see some inherited hand me downs and mismatched charity shop finds. The upcycling movement shows no signs of losing momentum, with craft-obsessed artisans transforming the old into something new.

It can be big or small – just as long as it’s quirky. Have a look at our tips for upcycling with indoor plants here. Upcycling can mean reusing jam jars and colourful tin cans as storages or using an old bicycle as a feature in your room. It really depends on the space you have and what you want to do with it.

concrete hipster home decor with bicycle feature on the wall in a bedroom

But it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as the piece above, just anything reused as something else is perfect. Use old gin bottles as a candle holder or even as a lamp!

Even rugs! Check out our infographic for tips & tricks on how to upcycle rugs for your hipster home here.

hipster home decor of upcycled hendricks bottle as a lamp on a wooden table

The ‘Relaxed’ Bohemian Look

The hipster trend takes a lot from the retro and bohemian trends in that it layers decor, utilises travel finds, decorates with embellishments and feels generally relaxed. There’s a definite shabbiness to the hipster trend, so roadside finds are a must-have for this look.

Take this bedroom for example. The heavy use of fabric and fairy lights creates a relaxed feel. The clothing rail wardrobe creates a relaxed and unfinished look – giving the ordinary a twist. The terrarium adds a lovely touch – add a colourful rug to the wall for that extra bohemian splash of brightness.

hipster home decor with white walls and fairylights with clothing rail in a bedroom

Strange Lighting Solutions

The decorative items in hipster home decor are cheap and crafty. Fairy lights, affordable art and tea light candles breathe life into this look and allow it to be redesigned easily.

These unconventional lighting arrangements are now being taken in by niche bars and boutiques across the country.

Think anything, from the upcycled bottles as hanging lamps or mason jars painted as candle holders. A popular and easy look to achieve is to opt for a vintage style bulb – have it exposed for a true hipster feel.

hipster home decor light with vintage lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling above cakes in a tiled cafe


Hipster home decor revolves around the old being re-loved in quirky and unconventional ways. It’s rooted in being thrifty and crafty, from upcycling to having the eye for a charity shop goldmine.

This look is perfect to build on and is easy to achieve with a few extra home accessories or DIY projects!

So what’s the verdict? Are you into the hipster home?