Practical shaggy rugAlthough we bang on about the aesthetic pleasure that a rug will bring to your home time and time again, it’s not just the way that it looks that should concern you. There are loads of practical reasons to consider adding a rug to your living space and regardless of your personality and style tastes, there’s definitely something out there for you.

So why else might you want to add a rug to your interior?


Minimalist decoration is a huge trend nowadays and is likely to continue to be so in the future. When decorating so sparsely, the majority of people hope that it will create a look that’s clean and tidy. However, all too often it creates an environment that’s empty and feels cold and no matter how high you turn the thermostat, it just doesn’t warm up.

A cold living room isn’t at all welcoming and as the heart of the home and the one place that all guests will enter, this isn’t the kind of feeling that you should settle with and the best way to combat this coldness is by laying a rug on the floor.

A warm coloured shaggy rug or a deep piled wool rug would be the perfect addition to a cold living space as it will provide a soft texture that will introduce comfort to your home, implicitly rectifying the imbalance between warm and cold.

Noise reduction

Wooden and laminate floors look great, there’s no doubt about it, but they’re also extremely noisy. It doesn’t matter where in your house you lay a hard floor – although upstairs makes the sound much worse – they’re loud and the only way to address that is to bring in a rug.

Soft, plush rugs are great noise reducers as they absorb sound. The same science applies if you lay a rug on the floor of a music practice room, it’ll always be quieter than without a rehearsal without a rug.

Floor protection

Real wood floors, tiles, marble and all kinds of other things, make great materials for floors. However, they’re expensive and not ones you’ll want to damage. Installing a carpet is usually completely out of the question as people are reluctant to cover up flooring gems like parquet floors and minton tiles, but this type of flooring is expensive to replace if it becomes damaged.

Heels, children and pets make it all too easy to damage beautiful floors, even when you’re trying your hardest not to, which is why it’s important to protect them before it’s too late.

A rug is a great compromise. It doesn’t cover the floor in its entirety – unless you want it to that is – which means you can still appreciate the floor’s natural beauty; it provides a warm, soft surface for you to walk along in comfort and it will enhance your décor – there are so many styles available, you’ll find something for you regardless of your tastes.


Although they’re lovely and cute and certainly man’s best friend, certain pets can be an absolute nightmare when it comes to cleaning. Fur and claws really don’t do our homes any favours. Dogs and cats in particular can do a lot of damage to a hard floor because of their claws and nails; you don’t bode any better with a carpet either because as they malt, their fur gets all over the floor and undoubtedly you.

Laying a rug a rug on a hard floor will help to prevent scratches from occurring and if you choose something practical, like a sisal rug then you can avoid pet hair and odours taking over your home.