Getting a house of your own seems like an awfully grown up thing to do but that doesn’t mean you have to plump for a sober theme when it comes to your interior design. You can definitely look at introducing elements that give your surroundings a sense of fun. After all, you are at liberty to decorate as you please for the very first time and that’s something to celebrate!

A quick glance at the current collection from Scion rugs reveals that fun is definitely on the agenda for rug designers. The Mr Fox collection and the Woodlands collection are two great examples of how you can decorate your home in a fun and vibrant way without ever making your interiors seem childish or in any way juvenile.

It’s all about how the designers use colour and patterning. They’re incredibly adept at brightening up an interior environment at the same time as making sure it remains really tasteful. Those who are keen to retain a sense of fun when decorating their first homes are often drawn to Scion rugs for this very reason and that makes them very popular indeed!