Sense of place is enormously important in a family home. It’s the sort of thing that people spent a great deal of time thinking about and great deal of money trying to engender. Sense of place is all about creating a unique environment that makes home feel like home in a way that nowhere else can. Sounds profound, but a lot of it comes from simple décor.

Things like designer rugs play a central role in creating sense of place at home. They contribute to the appearance of each room and they penetrate the consciousness very deeply. They also contribute to the texture and the feel of a room and this is just as important an effect when it comes to sense of place.

In family homes, sense of place is important because it helps children to feel comfortable in their surroundings and it gives them a strong sense of belonging. Perhaps it’s worth taking this into account when you shop around for designer rugs – look for the styles and designs that you think best suit the individual character of your home and support your efforts to engender sense of place in each room.