A good rug is an essential element in any family home, offering both design aspects as well as function. Selecting the appropriate rug can add visual interest to a space, as well as providing warmth, protecting the underlying floor, and making a comfortable space for kids and pets to convene. Choosing a sensibly large rug in a family home is important, as certain patterns, materials, piles and weaves will be more durable, resist stains more efficiently, and camouflage dirt and wear – all things that occur in any busy household!

family rugs

Rugs for a family home



Durability should be a large selling point when it comes to selecting a rug that is ideal for a family home. When choosing carpets for higher traffic areas of the house, like staircases, family rooms, and hallways, you will want a particularly high quality product to ensure it withstands the wear and tear of an active household.



Obviously when it comes to colour, it is going to be a choice made out of personal preference.  However, when selecting the right colour for your rug many factors should be considered, like the amount of natural light in the room, the intended visual impact of the rug, practicality, ability to conceal dirt and staining, and the surrounding decor and colour palette. In a family home, with active children and pets, white and other light colours are not recommended since their lifespan is likely to be limited with so much daily activity taking place.



Rugs come in such a wide variety of piles; the thicker and deeper the pile, the more warmth and comfort it will provide. Thicker pile carpets will hold dirt particles and be more difficult to clean, and this factor should be considered when deciding on the right rug for your home. A lush, thick carpet will show signs of wear and tear earlier, as it will break down, underfoot in high traffic areas, appearing matted and flat. Shorter pile rugs may be easier to maintain in a busy family environment, as they will be easier to remove dirt from, and clean, as well as hold up better under high traffic areas.


Easy to Clean

Busy families full of children and pets naturally tend to come with a certain amount of dirt and grime. Drink spills, fingerprints, pet accidents, and other mishaps can be very disheartening if the rug is not easy to clean. Many stain retardant rugs are available, but simply choosing a material that is easy to clean can save owners a lot of time and frustration. Expensive rugs made from extravagant fibres are probably not ideal in active households that have young tots and furry friends living in them.

In short, although practicality is important to achieve longevity, it is also important to choose a rug you love, and one that offers something to the space it’s in, both where form and function are concerned.