Rugs have a big part to play in the décor of bed and breakfasts and small hotels. After all, these places are meant to be really comfortable places to stay. Guests are likely to take an instant liking or disliking to the place they are staying according to the first impressions offered by the exterior and the reception rooms.

When it comes to the reception rooms, it’s all about creating a welcoming and homely atmosphere. Of course, much of this depends on how clean you keep the space, but the décor plays a central role too. Depending on the type of guests you are looking to attract, you can use rugs to really good effect.

If your hotel or bed and breakfast is mostly geared towards older folk then traditional rugs might go down well. Otherwise, nice modern rugs might fit the bill for a younger target audience. You could even consider natural rugs to appeal to those who prioritise simplicity and cleanliness over any grander considerations with relation to style and other such sensibilities.

The trick is to use rugs that are noticeable and that really draw the eye but that remain tasteful enough to attract the majority of visitors.