At The Rug Seller you’ll find a fantastic selection of brands including many high end, high fashion designers. One of our most popular choices of designer rugs come from Calvin Klein; with the collection featuring a huge selection of exciting designs, different textures and an extensive colour range. Calvin Klein’s rug collection has been exclusively manufactured by Nourison Industries and these fashion-forward, style orientated rugs are made the highest of standards by using some of the world’s most luxurious yarns. Choosing a Calvin Klein rug can help you to ensure a style statement is made in any room of the house.

Calvin Klein Loom Select Rugs have been handmade in India using a 100% New Zealand Pure Wool Pile to ensure high quality and impeccable finish. The detailed, hexagonal design brings a delicate style that is a signature design from Calvin Klein’s home collection – a sure way to make a fashion statement in your home. Loom select rugs provide a soft, deep finish that provides comfort and warmth in even the coldest of rooms. Loom select rugs from Calvin Klein come in an impressive range of sizes and colours to suit a whole range of rooms in your home.

For a more traditional design, Calvin Klein’s Lunar Rugs offer silky, plain coloured pile with a simple and elegant ribbed effect. Each rug is delicately handmade using the finest 100% viscose yarn to create a soft, shimmering silk effect that looks and feels luxurious in any room. These classic designs are perfect for clean, fuss free décor in simple, modern homes that crave a piece of high end fashion.

If signature geometric prints and soft, simple silks aren’t to your taste then you may prefer some of Calvin Klein’s more colourful pieces. Calvin Klein Urban Rugs are power loomed with a dense 100% New Zealand wool pile that provides a luxuriously soft finish in any home. The contrasting colour tones blend through their floral design to bring you style and sophistication with a subtle twist. These are the perfect choice for a ‘statement rug.

So, whether you’re looking for a signature designer statement rug, a classic and sophisticated piece of luxury or a fashion-forward colourful collection you’ll be able to find it in the Calvin Klein collection on The Rug Seller. What’s more? Purchasing directly from The Rug Seller means you’ll be saving a huge amount of money compared to high street prices.