Most people are familiar with traditional rugs and modern, but there are less obvious choices available on the market that turn out to be incredibly stylish and useful in certain environments. It’s worth looking at the following varieties of rugs if you want something that lies outside the usual traditional/modern discussion.

Shaggy rugs

These are thick, soft, synthetic rugs that are great in bedrooms and lounges that are meant to look informal and comforting. They come in a huge range of different colours and shades.

Sheepskin rugs

Sheepskin rugs are even softer and more luxurious than shaggy rugs and they also have a timeless sense of appeal and lovely natural qualities. They are also ideal for comfortable spaces.

Washable rugs

Washable rugs can be put in the washing machine and this makes them something of an asset if there are pets about or you live in a busy household where rugs see lots of foot traffic.

Natural rugs

These rugs have natural appeal that comes from the natural materials they are made out of. They are generally very unobtrusive and simply add layers and texture to the interior environments they are placed in.