A new season brings new colour trends, and this summer has brought the resurgence of pastel colours. These bright yet light hues signal the change in trends to move away from the once popular beige and neutral tones.

What’s A Pastel Colour?

Defined as any colour with just enough white to make it soft and pale is considered a pastel. A key difference is it has to maintain the original integrity of the base colour. Referring to a pale tint of virtually any secondary and primary colour, pastels have a low intensity or saturation and high luminance or amount of light. In fact, you can create a pastel by adding light to any pure colour on the colour wheel.

Humming Birds Wallpaper 4016 by Cole & Son in Pastel Multi

Pastel colours are generally described as mild, soothing, and inoffensive colours. For the most part, pastels are employed to evoke a calming sense of relaxation. These key attributes allow pastel colours to have lasting popularity across all types of designs.

Why Are Pastels Best For Summer?

Pastel shades are extremely relaxing and for spring and summer, we want softer shades that offer a feeling of coolness in the space. Read more about colour psychology and how to use it to redecorate here.

Because pastel colours work under the same concept as white, as they are pale with a lot of white as an undertone. White’s properties mean that it fully reflects visible light wavelengths. Which means it helps to expand spaces and their dimensions. White is normally used as a non-clashing wall palette and on furniture and floors, it can give the illusion of more space.

Pastels on the other hand bring a touch of fun and colour, with all the benefits of white. Reflecting light and amplifying the sunshine and long days of the summer season.

Our Pastel Colour Interior Picks


Bring a breath of fresh air to your bedroom with the Wild Meadow bedding by Laura Ashley. Scattered blossoms illustrated in graceful watercolour cover the outer side, and the shades of blue, yellow, and pink. Meaning it gives you a range of colour options to coordinate with. 


A warming pink conjuring up the heat and light of a gorgeous Tuscan summer. Zoffany True Matt is a water based emulsion that combines irresistible chalky looks with a wipeable, minimal sheen finish.


Victorian Star is a simple small-scale motif wallpaper taken from the Cole & Son archive, set on subtle pastel tones of Duck Egg, Plaster Pink, Safari and a range of neutrals. Shown here in a duck egg blue colourway. Due to the statement style, display this wallpaper in a bedroom, living room or dining room, creating a unique finish that’ll be the awe of family and visitors alike.


Perfect for today’s indoor/outdoor lifestyle, the Brittany Chevron rug will take your home and garden to the next level. Featuring a stylish flatweave pile that will complement the modern decor, in a chevron design. In shades of pink and white, finished with a white top and bottom hem.


Oakley Check Merino Lambs Wool Throw by LuxeTapi in Pastel Multi

Colourful yet classy, the Oakly throw’s timeless block check design makes this beautiful blanket a stylish and luxurious addition to sofas and beds. Due to its multicolour pastel palette, the Oakley throw is sure to add a splash of colour to your decor. Made from sustainably sourced 100% Merino Lambswool by skilled craftsmen here in the UK in Yorkshire.