Faux fur has always been popular in interior design. Plus, with the winter nights creeping in, we’ve put together our guide on how to best style faux fur in your décor.

With the leaves falling from the trees and that chill in the air, now is the perfect time to transform your home into a warming and cosy haven. Fur is a beautifully simple way of doing this, but sometimes fur is seen as a bit garish and difficult to use. So we’ve put together some styling tips to help you to utilise and style faux fur throughout your home.

Fur instantly adds a level of luxury and glamour to any interior and helps to add that special finishing touch. If you’re unsure how to use fur in the right way, not to worry! We’ve put together our favourite interior styles that make the most of this beautiful material.

Our Top 5 Styles

All White

One of our favourite ways to style faux fur has to be all white. It’s an understated level of glamour and minimalism done in a sleek way to add luxury to your home. Although maybe not one for those with pets or children. It’s a beautiful look that works so perfectly with faux fur.

all white style faux fur bedroom with large windows and a white faux fur throw over the end of the white bed

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This look underlines how white works so well with fur. It’s a level of indulgent extravagance that lifts an all-white décor which has the danger to be lacking and cold. Styling an all-white décor is all about the detail and accessorising, and fur is your best friend for this.

It’s not all about fur in the bedroom, include fur furniture in your interior to help accent your all white décor. You can buy fur throws to add to chairs or tables. All white décor really is about the details, think feminine and glamour to help lift the décor from clinical to fabulous. The fur and flowers below work to lift the interior from cold to coolly sophisticated.

style faux fur collage with a white faux fur stool in front of a dressing table and a living room with white wooden floors and fur throws

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Work to style faux fur look into your living spaces too. Especially if you have a lot of raw materials such as wooden flooring and metal chairs – like this room. Fur can help give a white room with hard, raw materials a warming lift in colder months. Opt for warming and orange based lighting over white to warm this style.

sheepskin style faux fur rug on a wooden floor

This faux fur rug in white is created in a sheepskin style, and is so wonderfully versatile for giving an all-white room that breath of fresh air. Try draping over chairs, placing on the floor or under small dressers for an added level of true all-white glamour.


Scandinavian Chalet

If you like the idea of an all white interior, but you’re not sure you could quite pull it off? Why not try a Scandinavian chalet style instead as a way to style faux fur in your home. With interiors full of monochrome and wood, with a lot of bright and natural light – fur fits beautifully in this interior style.

style faux fur in a wooden cabin style room with a roaring fire and neautral coloured rug and armchair with a fur throw

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This decor style is all about the warmth of the indoors – away from the harsh Scandinavian winters. The neutral and clean colour palette mixed with a lot of wood and fur perfects this look. This room has a very wood heavy style, creating that warm and inviting interior, perfect for a skiing chalet for after a day spent on the mountain tops. The fur here adds that extra level of comfort to cold colour palettes, with the fire perfecting this scene.

style faux fur with Scandinavian style room collage with wooden floors and fur throws and rugs

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The interior on the left is another wonderful way to style faux fur and this look. The wood is again an important feature, defining the Scandinavian look. The monochrome colours of the white and grey are fresh and clean – and quintessentially Scandinavian. The fur here is dotted around the room; on the stool, as a cushion and as a rug. This teamed with the mounted antlers creates a very traditional and rustic feel.

For this style, try out a completely monochrome room. Colours are thrown in with the fur (and of course the wood) like the décor on the right. It helps create an added level of warmth and texture to the room and creates the fur as the real star of the show.


Country Charm

If the washed out shades and colours of Scandinavia don’t do it for you, then maybe the rich and warm country charm shades will be more suited.

country style faux fur with wood and dark faux fur throws

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This look needs to be adorned with rich, dark browns to work. Opt for darker coloured furs, and imitation animal furs – or even real pelts. This country charm look works better in darker spaces that have less natural light, in contrast to the all-white or Scandinavian looks that need a lot of bright light.

country style faux fur cottage bedroom with a lot of cream fur rugs and throws and tweed armchair and walls

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With this look, you can go very heavy on the furs that you use. The furs help to add to the country ‘hunting’ feel of the décor, which really perfects the stylized elements of it. Try and accessorise with tweed or with items with woodland animals on like a stag or a pheasant. The more patterns, the more homely it feels as it’s less structured and regimented.

style faux fur real cowhide rug in brown and cream on a wooden floor

This beautiful cowhide rug in brown cream would work wonderfully in this theme to add to the authentic and rustic feel. Although this isn’t faux cowhide, it is sourced responsibly. It is strictly by-products of the food industry that are recycled to create luxury rugs. Or if you’d rather stick to faux, opt for a darker and moodier coloured version of the Pelle rug here.

a dark living room with candles and fir with a casual style faux fur throw over the sofa

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This room shows a wonderful way to style faux fur in a rustic way. The country charm is all about warmth and relaxed ways of decorating – so the fur throw being strewn over the sofa works to create a relaxed space. The dark colours and brickwork against the fireplace and candles creates a warm but moody setting.

Modern Glamour

Luxury and glamour always go hand in hand with fur, and this look fully embraces it. You can choose to style faux fur in this more overtly glamourous way, which is a look that can work beautifully when done well. This look works around excess and dramatic accessories – you should think very feminine and lavish when finding elements for this style.

The room below is beautiful, with a muted fawn colour to match the faux fur. The candelabra is a stunning touch to this look. Try and team satin with the fur for an ultimately luxuriously and glamourous look.


Modern glamour can be created in bold and rich hues, or more pastel colours. The look on the right is very dramatic, and contrasts the grandiose textures of velvet and diamanté with feminine prints and a depth of plum purple. The glamorous look is very over the top, with an array of materials and colours, so getting an obviously fake coloured faux fur isn’t out of the question.

pink style faux fur rug on a brown wooden floor

Try something like this pink rug for a true glamorous film star feel. You can even use it to drape over chairs or around dressing tables. Pair with fresh cut flowers and fairy lights, or even a chandelier to really capitalize on the style.

glamorous style faux fur draped over clear chairs around a wooden table with flowers on top near a large mirror

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This glamour look is a little more muted and chic-er than luxe extravagance. Gold and mirrors are a nice touch to this look, adding a bit of shabby chic to the interior with the gold complementing the monochrome. The faux fur works wonderfully here, adding that extra touch of glamour alongside the fresh flowers. We love the clear plastic chairs for that modern twist that lets the fur create the glamour rather than ornate furniture.

Cosy Minimalism

If the heavy opulence of the glamour style isn’t for you, try the classy style of minimalism with added faux fur for that cosy addition for those winter months. It can sometimes be hard to implement fur into your minimalist interior without breaking from the simple style. But we’ve found a few decors that have worked it fabulously.

minimalist style faux fur with a grey fur rug under an angular and monochrome table and chair set on dark wooden floor and walls

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We love the use of faux fur here to break up the angular furniture and monochrome style of this interior. With the rugs being focused around the seating area, it helps lift those sociable spaces.

minimalist style faux fur with white rugs under a white and black coffee tables on a black tiled floor next to a black sofa

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Help to style faux fur into your minimalist décor by keeping within the colour palette and structure of the room. Choose a fur rug in a square or rectangular shape to keep the angular and sleek style of décor. For minimalist interiors, it is hard to incorporate fur in another way other than a rug, except for maybe a throw in the bedroom. Using fur to throw over chairs and sofas is a too casual look for this sort of room – you need more uniformed accessories.

minimalist style faux fur rug and walls in a white themed bedroom with leather bed on a pale grey floor

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However, if you’re bold enough, you can work to experiment with how you can use fur in your interior. The dark rug here works wonderfully, and the textured walls work well for a unique take on faux fur in this home. The dark browns and greys and whites complement each other wonderfully, and the textured walls being all different shades adds a depth to this style without veering from the minimalist style.


Fur is a fabulous element to add in to your home, especially with these creeping winter months. Whether you want a structured and clean all-white look or a busy and cosy look full of country charm, fur works to perfect the look.