Outdoor rugs can be a single item that can help to transform your garden or outside space. It can be that sometimes people can be hesitant to invest in an outdoor rug, from fears they won’t know how to care for it or that the style will wear quickly and easily.

We have listed some of your frequently asked questions, to assure you that an outdoor runner or rug is what you should be investing in for this summer season.

Can Outdoor Rugs Be Left Out Year Round?

The short answer is yes you can, outdoor rugs are intended to be left outside. They can withstand wind, rain and even snow.

You can choose to take your rug indoors along with your outdoor furniture once the season changes and you’ll be spending less time outdoors. This may extend the life of your outdoor rug, but this isn’t essential.

​​chevron diamond patterened rug is sat on an outdoor decking

Can Outdoor Rugs Be Left Outside When It Rains?

As much as we’d like to pretend it doesn’t, heavy rain can happen all year round. Luckily, your outdoor rug is made to withstand summer rainstorms to winter downpours.

Although outdoor rugs are not waterproof, they are water resistant. Meaning they absorb water and dry much quicker than indoor rugs, and the wet does not affect their look, feel or quality.

They are typically constructed from synthetic materials, such as acrylic, nylon, polyester or man-made polypropylene. These materials are durable, stain-resistant and weatherproof, like this patio diamond geometric outdoor rug in a flat weave style.

outdoor rug is placed on an outdoor patio in a garden

What Type Of Rugs Are Good For Outdoors?

The best outdoor rugs are typically made from polypropylene or polyester, as these are synthetic materials that are strong and durable. 

Additionally they are mould resistant and can withstand outdoor weather conditions. As they are strong and durable, they can also withstand a high level of footfall. 

These synthetic style rugs are often treated to be resistant to sun damage. These rugs are less likely to fade in full sunshine when left outdoors.

Do Outdoor Rugs Go Mouldy?

Outdoor rugs are mould and mildew resistant. This is again due to the synthetic materials they are made from, like this 100% polypropylene Aura Runner by Habitat.

colourful aura runner is placed on a decking outdoors with a chair

Due to the fact they don’t retain moisture and dry easily, means that mould and mildew are unlikely to form.

In the unlikely event that your rug does develop mould, you can easily douse it with a white vinegar and water solution to clean the rug and remove any build up from your outdoor rug.

How To Clean An Outdoor Rug?

When leaving an outdoor rug on your patio or in your garden year-round can mean there is a buildup of dust and dirt. This buildup can mean that the colours and design of your rug is slightly dullened, and the patterns aren’t as striking.

Although not necessary, a yearly clean of your rug can help keep your piece in the best condition and helps to showcase it at its best. This can help to avoid any buildup of mould or mildew.

Due to the durable nature of outdoor rugs, it’s much easier to clean outdoor rugs than indoor rugs. However, you should still follow certain rules to not damage your rug.

You should opt for using a soft bristled broom to sweep your rug and keep dust and debris at bay. Avoid using a vacuum cleaner on a regular basis for your outdoor rug. The machine can put stress on the fibres.

If you’re looking for a deeper clean for your rug, use a soft brush, mild detergent, and warm water. Scrub gently in the worst affected areas, rinse and let it dry outside. If the rug has mould, pour some vinegar on it and let it soak for an hour. 

Why Invest In An Outdoor Rug?

An outdoor rug serves a similar purpose to the use of an indoor rug. It can add interior interest to your outdoor space, pull together your outdoor furniture, and cover harsher flooring such as decking or a patio. Try a colourful style like this Scion Rivi Kiwi Stripe Outdoor rug to breathe new life into your outdoor space.

Scion Kiwi rug is outdoors in bright striped pattern surrounded by outdoor furniture on a decking

It can also act as a buffer for your decking or patio, removing the risk of scuffs or scratches from garden furniture.

An outdoor rug is a striking and more unusual piece that can create your garden into a sculptural and interesting space. It can help to add colour and design to a space that may previously be lacking. Laying an outdoor rug is an instant way to build up your space, without the need for landscaping or gardening.


We hope we’ve inspired you to add some extra interest to your garden this summer, by including an outdoor rug to your exterior design.

If you have any questions we haven’t answered, leave a comment and we’ll answer what you’d like to know!