Creating A Botanical Interior

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Spring has sprung, making it the perfect time to freshen up your decor. One of the elements of a great spring design is using botanicals. As a life force and source of beauty, adding florals to a space in any form offers vitality and freshness.

Transform your home into a planter’s paradise with these home decor ideas influenced by real-life botanicals.

Make your living space a botanical-inspired oasis regardless of the season, and don’t worry – not all of these ideas require you to be green fingered!

Add Botanicals To Your Home Décor

Botanicals are a huge trend right now, and we can really see why.

With all the modern, hard-edged objects filling our spaces it makes sense that a decor trend centred around nature and natural beauty would be so popular.

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If you’re a plant lover and want to keep the beauty of the outdoors alive in your home all-year round, get inspired to add botanicals to your home decor.

Here are some of our favourite ways to liven up your home design!


Wall coverings are a wonderful way to introduce botanicals into your home. If you are looking to make a more substantial change, consider adding botanical-themed wallpaper.

Of course, some botanical wallpapers might be overwhelming in smaller spaces, which is something to bare in mind. Our first inspiration is an example of the botanical print trend that is oh-so popular right now.

a small bathroom covered in green botanical wallpaper

This patterned wallpaper covers the walls of a light-filled bathroom, creating a beautiful tropical vibe that transports you right to an island paradise.

However, if you don’t want a botanical wallpaper to overwhelm your room, another way to achieve the botanical trend is to try considering wallpapering an accent wall, or even using wallpaper to decoupage a piece of furniture.

Like so:

a bedroom with a botanical feature wall

Here, a fabric tapestry is hung behind the bed to create the effect of an accent or feature wall. It looks extra vibrant thanks to the mostly white colour scheme in the room.

This botanical inspired accent wall makes more of a statement but takes up less space, and prevents the room seeming crowded by being overwhelmed by print.


Pillows can be a key element and way to incorporate botanical prints into your decor. Soft furnishings with floral or leafy prints can infuse a design with natural beauty.

Add a statement pillow to your sofa collection which could be by adding a tropical leaf pillow that brings colour, comfort and botanicals into your home.

a close up cut out image of the cali botanical leaf cushion in green

This Cali Botanical cushion is a luxurious way to add the botanical trend to your living room, using texture over print to bring the trend into your decor.

To add a botanical feel to your bedroom, you might try adding a few throw pillows with a leaf motif. To keep it subtle, add some wall art in the same pattern for some extra pizzazz.


the costa rica fern bedding set on a bed with a black bed frame against a wooden wall

This eye-catching Costa Rica Fern bedding set is made with a bold pattern consisting of leafy green ferns that are repeated throughout the fabric. The bright green against a white background adds a fun pop of colour.

It adds some floral accents to a classic look and lends a bold pop to the bedroom layout.

Floor Coverings

For a more modern take on the botanical trend, try decorating with rugs that are in actual leaf shapes or just have a swanky botanical print like the Botanical Wool Rug below.

They lend a whimsical touch to this colourful, modern home.

manila botanical rug from the rug seller website

Placing a visually appealing rug over wooden flooring can add a certain level of texture and design that you might think is lacking. Incorporating a botanical feel into your home with a style that makes a statement.

It creates an almost tangible feeling of stepping on a bed of leaves or curling vines and blooms. Having a botanical patterned rug will be a beautiful focal point in a room, while anchoring distinct areas.

Having a clever mix of botanical themed home accessories will add pattern, texture and interest to a room.

Wall Art

One easy way to add any decor style to your home is with wall art. Whether you want to hang a large piece or multiple small pieces, wall art is always a good option.

3 rooms wtih botanical wall art on the walls

If you are looking for some wall art to spruce up your home decor, you might consider hanging a series of botanical art prints on your wall. The lovely flowers and greenery will add some life to your space all-year round.

geometric botanical wall art

These three prints are great for people who prefer a more geometric type of art but still want to get in on the botanical action.

You can find wall art, like these prints above, or DIY your own. Whatever suits your budget and your style.

a green coloured room with a green cabinet and leafy wall art

For the maximum effect of this leafy look, try combining both actual greenery along with botanical art on the walls. They will highlight each other, and really create a dramatic visual impact.


Leaf print curtains are another great way to incorporate the trend into your home. It will make you feel like you’re living in a tropical paradise!

These Costa Rica fern print curtains are a great example of this. Lots of natural light paired with the use of natural materials such as wood creates a put together interior look that really works.


Dried Flower Wall Hanging

Bring the outside in by drying your favourite flowers and other botanicals to make a DIY wall hanging.

A simple way to give plants a place in your interior design is to opt for paintings, photography, or having dried flowers to hang on walls.

dried flower botanical wall hanging mobile

This creative DIY project can be made using wood branches sourced from your own back garden as the base and by attaching dried flowers, dried ferns, and other dried botanicals from string to create an attractive wall hanging.

The new botanicals trend is easy to introduce into your own home because it is so versatile across all styles.

Wall Stickers

If you are looking for alternate artwork for your walls, why not try to consider wall stickers with a botanical theme to kill two birds with one stone?

Stencils are another fabulous DIY solution for adding botanical prints to your home. You can stencil a pattern on your walls, like these tree patterns below, or even place a tropical leaf wall sticker on your wall to bring your room to life.

birch treee botanical wall sticker

These large-scale wall stickers have a beautiful presence thanks to their size and bright colour.

Succulents & Terrariums

Of course, the best way to decorate with botanicals is by using actual botanicals!

Succulents are a wonderful blend of botanical beauty and have the perk of being easy to grow. They require very little water and are the ideal plants for those who don’t have an eye for all things green.

botanical succulents in small white plant pots

Similar to succulents, terrariums are another great way to add some botanical life to your decor. They are a lovely way to incorporate succulents into your space, just in a more decorative way.

botanical Terrariums decor

Just grab an interesting container, some succulents, and a few other materials and you’ll be ready to get started.

Display and place a geometric terrarium on your coffee table so you can enjoy your plants, have a conversation starter and be on top of two trends – terrariums and botanicals!

Also, for bolder accents, consider over-sized bouquets to set the room’s style. For ease, be mindful of selecting low-maintenance indoor plants.

Framing Leaves

For a slightly more subtle decor technique, you might also consider framing actual leaves to hang on the wall or to place on your shelf. This is a great way to provide the feeling of plant life to your home without the added maintenance of caring for houseplants.

framed leaves botanical

As a modern twist on the botanical look, these creative and fun DIY pieces are an easy way to bring in colour. Which will help to keep your decor looking on trend.

As pictured above, these wall hangings add texture, warmth, and botanicals to your home .

Three things no home should be without!

Green Galore

From ferns to flowers, and everything in between, botanicals make for great inspiration. Moreover, it’s easy to add botanicals to your space by adding wall prints, patterns, DIY projects, home accessories and more.

Luckily, as seen from above, there are a number of ways to incorporate botanical decor into your interior. Theses also include ways that don’t involve watering or fertilising greens outdoors.

And when in doubt, just fill your space with green – both the colour and the actual plants.

green coloured living room with bold green coffee tables

This space is filled with a green sofa and other accents, along with a variety of living plant life. These have been aesthetically placed around the room. The uses of botanically inspired items accessorise the space naturally.

However, you choose to create botanical style in your home, using botanical inspired décor will be an essential element to your home decor.

Botanicals are always the needed piece that ties a room together.


If you really want to embrace the botanical trend, why not built an entire garden inside your house?!

What’s your favourite way to decorate your home for spring?

Let us know and leave a comment below!


updated April 2021