How to Decorate with Yellow Accessories

Yellow Accessories in two large living areas

What could be more inviting than a bright pop of yellow accessories in your home? The colour of eternal summer, we can’t think of any shade we would rather come home to on a bleak winter’s day. Or better, a warm spring evening.

Light up your house with pretty accents of buttercup yellow or make a statement in one room with block colour in lemon or dandelion shades. Yellow is such a versatile colour: from deep mustard to bright gold, you will be able to find a version that fits in with your current decor.

Discover some fun ways of incorporating yellow accessories into your home!

Yellow Furniture

Yellow Accessories Pale Yellow Wall Coloured Living Room

A large yellow piece can keep a neutral room from feeling washed-out. It signals playfulness, excitement, and a sense of adventure. When introducing yellow furniture, try to match the vibe of the room―a rustic dresser against unfinished floors; a sleek, bright chair with a crisp, modern desk―to keep the effect cool, not kooky.

Dining Chair

Yellow Accessories Lovely Plastic Bright Yellow Kitchen Chair

Perfect for a breakfast nook in a mostly white kitchen. The dining room is another part of the home that can always benefit from the smile-inducing properties of yellow. Colourful seating is a great way to make a statement in the dining room and yellow is the perfect colour to do it with. The assortment of bright, sunny chairs around this table is sure to bring a shot of energy to every meal.

To buy: Yellow chair, £49,

Yellow 3-Drawer Chest

Yellow Accessories Modern 3-tier Chest of Draws

Modern pieces always add a sense of depth to any space. You can get a contemporary look with a cool, modern colourway, that is a find to remember – and hold on to. This yellow chest of draws in a show-stopping shade of yellow leaves no doubt as to what the centrepiece of this room is.

Paired with blue or grey walls in a fetching geometric design and smaller pops of colour throughout, this piece completes the look of the space in a very stylish way. Use it in a girl’s bedroom or in a bathroom to stow towels and toiletries.

To buy: Yellow 3-drawer chest, £252,

Four-Poster Bed

Yellow Accessories Yellow Bed Frame For A Single Bed

The bedroom is a space that can always do with a little more style. This is especially true in bedrooms where space is at a premium and there just isn’t room for designer yellow accessories and a custom-made bed.

In instances like that, colour is your best option, and if you’re not going to go all out with your backsplash, why not colour your bed frame instead? This yellow bed frame is sure to receive a lot of love solely for the beautiful bright yellow sides that invite all the sleepers in the house to try something new. Solid light-grey bedding would play up its minimalist lines.

To buy: Metal bed, £199,

Yellow Footstool

Yellow Accessories Yellow Plain Ottoman Foot Stool

A classic piece with a retro twist, this sophisticated footstool in upholstered in a Yolk Yellow fabric, guaranteed to add character to a living space. Time to put your feet up. This super-soft fabric and cushioned footrest ensure you never have to compromise between comfort and style. Doubles as a side table when you add a tray for drinks.

To buy: Yellow footstool, £55,

Scandinavian Yellow Sofa

Yellow Accessories Comfy and Plush Yellow Sofa

In a vibrant colour, this vintage yellow 2/3 seater sofa will look radiant in your living room! Featuring a buttoned back for a hint of elegance, this fabric sofa is a ready match for your vintage or modern interior design. Design detail: its understated and refined design inspired by Scandinavian style. Our tip: use lots of different-sized cushions on your sofa for a cosy, comfy feel. This can be a huge hit of retro style for a small urban apartment.

To buy: Scandinavian yellow 2/3 seater sofa, £394,

Yellow Accessories

Yellow Accessories of Lovely Yellow Floral Chairs in a Vanity Room

The colour yellow is associated with many things including bliss, happiness, and energy (to name a few). Decorating with yellow illuminates your home, giving off good vibes while also creating an overall positive place to reside in. With spring right around the corner, get inspired to redecorate with this lively colour. Adding yellow accessories to your space is the perfect way to incorporate this blissful colour into all our homes.

Asymmetric Vase

Yellow Accessories Flower Shaped Vase

A way to use art when bringing yellow to a space is to create layers with yellow accessories. The bright vase is packing just enough yellow to bring a sunny look to an interior. The floral petal stem design imparts an elegant and understated style, while the delicate and fresh yellow colour adds a soothing touch to any room.

To buy: Orla Kiely Single Stem Vase, £14,

Sloan Mustard Rug

Yellow Accessories Mustard Sloan Rug by The Rug Seller

The tone-on-tone palette freshens up a geometric pattern. In our rush to address the walls and seating, we often overlook our floors and the dressings that we place on them. But using a colour like yellow will help ensure that you never overlook them again. In a space with enough floor space, a colourful rug choice can carry just as much weight as painting the walls.

To buy: Sloan rug in Mustard, £59 (starting price depending on size),

Mustard Print Geometric Art

Yellow Accessories Geometric Design Wall Art

Art is always a necessary step in any space, but the question is always to figure out how the art will relate to the rest of the room. White walls are the traditionally considered to be the best background for art because they won’t compete with the work.

However, when the art is mostly white, or black and white, such as in a photograph, colourful walls might just be the way to go. A bright yellow wall piece may help to break up the colour of the walls while a white wall gives a more neutral backdrop than a yellow coloured wall could. It’s a great way to blur the line between where your art ends and your room begins.

To buy: Mustard print yellow art, £5.52,

Cotton Cushion Cover

Yellow Accessories Bright Yellow Plain Design Pillow For A Sofa

Yellow is the type of colour that makes a strong statement even when it isn’t covering your cushions. Sometimes just a little bit is all you need, like a shot of yellow that wakes up a mostly-neutral space. A touch of yellow around the edges is all it takes to make the door the centre of attention.  Toss a pair of bright cushions on a soft grey sofa. As we all know that grey and yellow is a popular trend.

To buy: Cosy cushion cover, £2.50,

Chrome Touch Table Lamp

Yellow Accessories Silver and Yellow Small Table Lamp

Even when you’re working to create one complete unified look in a space, there are times when going in the opposite direction, just for a moment, is the key to bringing it all together. Such as, when dealing with a deep and moody room, you can illuminate it by adding a single bright yellow lamp. Which gives a straitlaced living room some curves and colour.

To buy: Sassy lamp in mustard, £19.99,

Giraffe Coat Hook

Yellow Accessories Giraffe Shaped Clothes Hanger

Entryways are always on the hunt for more personality. The drive to make an entryway into something more than a purely functional space continues to pull new levels of creativity out of designers of all types. Coat hooks are a great place to start when looking to add a little colour to the area.

Bring a piece of the savannah into your home with the whimsical Giraffe Coat Hook. This stylised miniature trophy head wall hook is evocative of sunnier days and greener pastures is an excellent match for a nature-loving, happy-go-lucky kind of person’s home!

To buy: Giraffe coat hooks, £9.95 each,


Yellow Accessories in two large living areas

From butter to lemon to dandelion yellow, you’ve now browsed through our gallery of yellow furniture and accessories to see how lovely the colour can be within your home.

How will you incorporate yellow accessories into your home?