As the summer sun fades out, it’s time to look towards winter and the new colour trend for interiors. As the warm summer tones darken into moody wintery hues, we bring you the new colour for the season – denim blue.

Denim blue has been a hot topic in the beauty and fashion world for a few months now, with crazes such as denim blue dyed hair and denim nail art. Now the colour is making its move into the interior design world as the seasons shift to a darker colour palette.

Denim Blue Colour Trend

Although denim colours can differ from a light, washed out look to deep indigo blues – the denim trend we’re seeing for interiors is a smoky hue. In other words, it’s a colour that is versatile. Looking smoky-grey in weaker sunlight, and a vivid blue in brighter lighting.

Blue has become a more popular colour in recent years across the interior design world, being intricately linked to technology and social media. Although you may be wondering what effect that has on interiors, due to the heavier exposure people have to the colour it tends to be viewed more preferentially. For instance, previously blues were seen as being cold and flat, but they have taken on a new meaning and a resurgence in popularity.

With Natural Light

colour trend for 2017 denim blue room with pictures on the wall and a grey sofa in lit room

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Firstly, let us show you how denim can be used in your home. This room really shows the beauty of the denim blue colour trend. Paired with the bright whites and warm browns, it highlights the blueish hues without the colour losing its depth of grey. The natural light really brings out the colour here, strengthening it and bringing through the darker blue tones.

Contrasting Accents

colour trend for 2017 denim blue bedroom with lime yellow chair, cushions and painting and grey bedding

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Deciding which colour to complement the denim blue colour is important. With this décor, the brightness of the greeny-yellow accents brings out the darker greys of the denim blue. The bedding and curtains bring a grey hint into the interior which frames the denim blue beautifully, further highlighting the greyish tone.


Cool & Calm

colour trend for 2017 denim blue bedroom with white accent bedsheets, floor and a lot of bright light

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However, if yellow is a bit too garish for you, try this similarly designed room with a calmer colour palette. With this change of environment, you can see the diverse nature of the colour and the many faces it has. The paler blues and white with the denim blue brings out its lighter, more playful side. The white gives the denim blue a fresh feel and the wash of natural light creates a softer hue.

As A Feature Wall

colour trend for 2017 denim blue accent wall with a fireplace in a wooden floored bedroom

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If you’ve got a darker room you’re looking to decorate, and you’re worried that the denim blue may darken the room too much, try it as a feature. Painting the other walls as a very pale grey or blue will allow the blue denim to really stand out. The tone of the denim blue here is a much richer shade with the darker lighting and orangey, warm light from the fire.

In Other Rooms

colour trend for 2017 denim blue kitchen with brick walls and grey wooden floors and a white ceiling

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It’s not just bedrooms and living rooms that benefit from this beautiful colour trend. Try this hue for a beautiful clean finish for a kitchen or bathroom.

This kitchen has used the denim blue wonderfully, placed against the fresh brickwork effect wallpaper, wooden floors and white walls and ceilings. The grey toned wood and brick print adds a touch that brings out the sleek, grey streak in this colour. The added denim blue fixtures here really give this space some character and depth that we adore. It’s a wonderful way to implement the denim blue colour trend in your interior.

Bring Texture

colour trend for 2017 denim blue ombre wall with pale cream sofa in shot

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Do you want to try this trend, but with a little bit of a twist? For instance, denim is a great foundation colour to use for effects, like this ombre wall. Drifting from the smoky grey to the dark blue and mixing the two element of denim blue – meeting in denim blue in the middle. Find out how to do this look here.

colour trend for 2017 denim blue denim effect wall being demonstrated by brush by blonde woman

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You can even use denim blue to create a denim effect wall paint for a super denim look. It’s a daring look and would work well in a bedroom as a feature wall. Use denim blue as a base and paint it with a glaze effect, using a weaver brush to create the ‘stitched’ effect. Find a tutorial here.

Pair With A Perfect Rug

colour trend for 2017 denim blue rug closeup of knotted shagpile

This beautiful denim grey Halo rug in petrol blue by Brink and Campman would work to carry the trend through your home. Particularly working wonderfully with pale wooden or tiled floors.

colour trend for 2017 denim blue complementary grey rug on dark wooden floor

Or if you’re looking for something to offset the blue denim in your interior, opt for a steely grey. This Sable rug in smoke grey has a lustrous sheen that will give depth and lighter hues to a darker room palette. Greys and whites work beautifully with the blue denim trend. This rug would work wonderfully to complement denim blue walls.

Denim Accessories

colour trend for 2017 denim blue sofa and cushions on white wooden floor with chrome coffee tables

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You can always introduce the colour trend for 2017 into your home with furniture. Denim sofas are becoming more popular with this up and coming trend, and it’s an easier way to implement without a complete change of décor. It looks great with monochrome colours, like above; greys, whites and silvers all work in favour of making the denim blue furniture the star of the show.

colour trend for 2017 denim blue cushions on white sofa in front of patio windows

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If you’re looking to introduce an accent in an even more low-key way than furniture – try accessorising. Use cushions or lamps to introduce a denim blue shade. Swapping cushions around for a seasonal look or a trend is the simplest way to inject a fresh bit of colour into your décor.

Denim is a very Scandinavian style trend, working as a pop of colour against simple monochomatic hues. Monochrome means the subtle colour can really stand out, to make the most of the blue and grey variety of the colour. It’s a colour that can be worked in multiple ways, with bright light and wood. Denim blue is clean and sharp and we absolutely love it.

What do you think of this new colour trend, do you love the denim blue trend as much as we do?

updated August 2021