When it comes to lighting, it’s something that every house needs. However, it shouldn’t always be viewed in a practical form. A statement lamp and lights can be use to transform your interior, and take it to the next level. Clever placings, and stand-out pieces can elevate your decor.

We’ve got our top tips to use lighting in your home, to accentuate, highlight and showcase your interior style.

Use It As An Art Piece

When it comes to lighting, you need to think beyond the basics. Art is essential to your home space, to stamp your unique style to a space and to bring personality to a room.

Combine the practical need for light with the creative need for art in your home. Pairing the practical with the creative brings balance into your home, and minimises the need for excess clutter. Having one piece that offers both light and art to a space means the need for less items.

Statement lamps have become a key trend this coming season, and there are a variety of shapes, colours and sizes to choose from. The design can come from an artistic, printed shade or even from a sculptural style lamp stand.

We adore this William Yeoward Babetta Crystal Glass lamp, for an elegant and artistic take on lighting for the home.

a blue crystal statement lamp on a table in a front room

The shape and soft marbling of the piece mixed with the cool blue tone brings a sculptural feel to the lamp. What’s more is this piece is an artisan piece, with each lamp handmade to be completely unique. Highlighting the artistic worth in this statement lamp.

Create Ambient Lighting

Lamps play an important role within an interior space, in creating levels and layers of lighting. You should ensure that a space should have different layers of lighting, from ceiling lights to lamps even down to more decorative pieces like fairy lights.

This is again the concept of viewing lighting as an interior concept and tool, over the mere practicality of lighting a space. 

Consider what you want to do with the space. Is it a practical area, such as a kitchen or study? It’s less likely you want softer lighting, as you want to be able to see what you’re doing. However, consider a bedroom and a living room space and you want a completely different take on lighting. To create mood and a feeling of cosiness.

Using a lamp with a lampshade helps to diffuse light and make it less stark and softer. This softer lighting helps to create an ambience and feel in a room, beyond what the interior style can.

cut out of grey lampshade

Use a style like this Drum Linen Lampshade to help diffuse lighting, and to create an ambient setting in your home with soft shades.

Project Accent Colours

When you think of a lamp beyond the basic need of lighting, you realise the potential you have to use lamps and lighting as a tool to accentuate and elevate your decor.

As with many home accessories, you can use a statement lamp to help build on an accent colour in your interior.

An accent colour is a secondary colour that exists within your decor. It may be in the print of your wallpaper, or simply a contrasting colour you want to bring in to balance your main colour. You can use a statement lamp to bring interest to a space and to build on an accent colour.

Using a lamp in an accent shade is particularly effective, as when the lamp is on it automatically draws attention to this shade. This enables the accent colour to pop, and to frame your corresponding accessories and frame the main shade in your home.

This Alfie Crystal Lampshade by William Yeoward is a perfect piece to do this in your home.

Crystal base statement lamp in turquoise blue on a table

This style is in a jade green shade, with a textured crystal glass base. The reflection of the light from this base helps to project the colour, bringing the accent colour to the fore.

Furthermore, this particular piece comes in a range of colours beyond just jade green. Find colours such as moss green, amber yellow and eight more shades to fit your interior’s colour scheme.

Make It The Centrepiece

If you want to go all out with a statement light piece, it doesn’t always have to be used to prop up other aspects of your home decor. It can be the centrepiece itself.

In rooms that have less furniture and are generally quieter spaces, use it as a way to bring interest. Using a statement lamp on the sideboard in a hallway can be a great way to let a forgotten room sing.

This Senna Bronze Floral lamp is a great choice for a room such as a hallway or reception room. It has an intricate design, which may be overwhelming in a busier space. Having it in a room that has high traffic and less pieces to compete with, it can be the statement piece that transforms a room.

bronze sculptural lamp on a table in a white room

Pair it with a William Yeoward simple lampshade, to allow the base to do all the work. Once again, this piece is an artisanal product, with each one being made to be unique.

If you’re not sure on the black, opt for a piece like this Milla Bronze Gilded Tree lamp – also by William Yeoward.

Milla tree lampshade in a living room set on a table

The golden bronze structural base has a taller and lighter feel to bring to an interior space.

Use It To Frame

If you’re not so keen on the lamp being the statement itself, use it to frame and highlight important features of your home.

Lighting can be used to illuminate certain places and pieces in your home you want to show off. This method of lighting is called accent lighting, to be used to showcase aspects of your decor through light.

Place a lamp under a bold art piece hanging on the wall, or even on a table by a feature wall that has been painted a different colour. Using a lamp and light that bounces off a space or piece draws the eye to it when you enter a room. Meaning when the room is darker at night, you don’t lose the effect you’ve worked hard to bring into your home.

This isn’t to say the lamp itself isn’t able to also be a stand out piece. Opt for a style that has a similar colour or style to the art piece it is highlighting to bring cohesion to a space. This Kristiana Ceramic Lamp is the perfect piece for this.

a grey ceramic lamp sat on a wooden sideboard

The soft, grey palette won’t overpower the statement it’s illuminating, but still adds texture and artwork to a space. 


We hope we’ve inspired you to reimagine the use of lighting in your home, shop our full range of lighting here.

So will you be bringing statement lamps and lighting into your home? Let us know how you transform your home decor with the use of lighting in the comments!