In the cold and dark days of winter, your bed becomes your sanctuary. Warmth and comfort is key, and we have some tips to cosy up your bedroom to achieve just that.

From layering up with textures and blankets to softening the lighting to be warm and inviting. We’ve got ways to make sure you’ll never want to leave the bedroom again

Warning: it may make those early morning starts that little bit harder. However, those duvet days will be all the more divine.

Cosy Throws

The number one element for a cosy bedroom space? A soft and cuddly throw. Perfect for keeping your toes warm at night, or for wrapping around yourself when relaxing in your room. 

Key components when finding the throw to help create a cosy space is one that is invitingly warm and one that is soft to the touch. Our favourite throw to fit the bill is the Woodland Check Woven Wool throw by Joules.

cut out image of orange and navy check joules throw

Made from a wool blend, this throw is simple luxury. With a countryside and heritage feel, this throw will help your bedroom feel like you’re sat next to roaring fire in an idyllic county cottage. 

Burnt orange and contrasting blue will help to bring warming shades to your interior and ultimately cosy up your bedroom.

If your idea of comfort is something a little chunkier, opt for a knitted version. Like this Neroli Woven Throw.

a cut out image of a neroli throw in blue and white to cosy up your bedroom

This throw will help to bring texture to your interior space, with a chunky feel that you’ll want to escape under as soon as you get home.

Calming Colours

a bedroom with white and blue walls in a calm colour to cosy up your bedroom

A bedroom space should be one that is calming and zen like. The whole room needs to take on this persona and feel, and the main way to do this is by colour.

Ideally, a wall or walls painting a cool and calming colour is the best – but if that’s not doable, bringing in accessories and accents will also work.

Colours with cool undertones such as greens and blues or purples are the best ways to achieve this. Even cosy up your bedroom with the Dulux colour of the year for an on trend way to build your in home hideaway.

Cosy Bedding

The shining star of a bedroom is of course the bed. So there’s no better way to cosy up your bedroom than to cosy up with your bedding. You can bring in colour and design to add an extra element to your space, or bring in ultimate comfort and quality for a luxurious lounging spot.

A top pick for a bedding that holds a timeless feel is the Strawberry Thief bedding by Morris and Co.

a close up image of the strawberry thief bedding on a bed

The intricate textile designs have a nostalgic quality to them which helps to draw in a room and bring a certain cosiness. Plus with a 220 thread count, you don’t have to choose between design and luxury with this bedding set. Pair with teak furniture and low lighting for ultimate ‘cottagecore’ comfort.

If minimal is more your comfort style, then opt for a style like the Chenille Textures Stripe Cotton bedding by DKNY.

white bedroom with chenile white bedding in an airy and clean bedroom

Minimal in style, but not in quality as it is crafted from 100% cotton for the softest of finishes. Bedding that introduces comfort levels of a boutique hotel, for ultimate escapism from the harsh winter outside.


Cosy And Warm

Cosy and comfortable can’t be achieved in the cold. So to help battle the wintery chill seeping into your bedroom sanctuary, bring in fluffy duvets and hot water bottles to help.

A duvet is a true investment when it comes to a warm and cosy night’s sleep. A high tog rating and duck down filling is the best choice to ensure the highest standard. Our Supreme British Duck Feather and Down Duvet is all you’ll need.

cut out image of feather white duvet in a plastic zip up bag

This duvet is wonderfully plump and breathable, offering a 13.5 tog rating to keep you cosy and warm through the colder months.

If you still need that extra boost of warmth to keep you warm and cosy up your bedroom in the depths of winter, revolutionise with a YuYu Hot Water Bottle. We promise you’ll forget what it is to be cold. 

a cut out image of the blue and white yuyu hot water bottle

In a unique elongated shape this premium hot water bottle can be shaped to your body for ultimate comfort. Plus, they feature ties on each end to secure to your body for hands-free warmth.

Soft Lighting

low lit lamp in a cosy bedroom setting

Lighting can be the key to a room being warm, soft and inviting. A main overhead light can be bright and stark, leaving a room feeling a little cold. Soft and diffused light can be a simple change that will transform your room into a sanctuary you’ll want to retire to.

Fairy lights are a favourite in bedrooms, and for good reason. Small and twinkling, they may only offer a small glimmer of lighting, but make for a perfect and relaxing atmosphere.

If you want something that is a little more practical, make sure to use lamps with shades to help to diffuse the light and cosy up your bedroom. This is better than any bare bulbs that can throw out harsher lighting. This can also be used as a form of statement in your interior, see how in our interior trends for 2022 to add style and substance.


So are you going to transform your space and cosy up your bedroom? For a perfect way to escape the wind and cold of the outdoors…let us know in the comments!