The New Year brings a whole load of new styles and inspiration with the predicted interior trends for 2022.

From statement details, textures and colours – the new year brings style that emulates and represents wider society. With a move to natural and sustainable as well as interiors that are fluid and multi-functional for a future with working from home as a norm.

Statement Lighting 

statement lighting in a clean kitchen for interior trends for 2022

The past year has continued a feeling of uncertainty, so the interior trends for 2022 are defined by comfort.

Soft lighting and relaxing spaces are indicative of the coming year and we see this with the trend of statement lighting.

This can be oversized lampshades to neon signs. Lighting is now being seen as a secondary art piece on a table or surface. Adding an artistic twist to the the mid-century modern ethos of furniture all serving a purpose, and becoming more practical.


Shades Of Green

a green wall with a mirror and cabinet set against it with greenery and a candle

In line with the move of interiors being closer to nature, green is continuing as a popular trending colour for 2022. With sustainability becoming a core issue, green helps to emulate a feeling of being closer to nature from within our interiors.

On top of this, it is a cool and calming colour. Calming shades are seeing a particular increase. As people are spending more time working from home and are seeing their home as a sanctuary. 

It’s being contrasted with warmer shades such as terracotta and pink, and is being seen from walls to accessories. From jewel tones to pastel shades.


a cottage style living room with stone flooring and old wooden furniture

Cottagecore is a new concept, first seen on social media in 2018. It is centred on the traditional and rural, going back to imperfect and nostalgic.

2021 saw this term becoming increasingly popular, and we are likely to see it come into true fruition in interior trends for 2022.

It is idyllic drawing on inspiration from wildflower meadows and rural scenes. Using organic textures such as wood and retro floral patterns. It celebrates a move to the artisanal, from baking to artistically – to go back to basics.


Reimagining Blue

a blue room for interior trends for 2022 with blue bedding and paintings

We spoke about how Dulux have announced their colour of the year as ‘Bright Skies’. Which is a light and breezy sky blue shade.

Unsurprisingly, blue is a key component to the interior trends for 2022. Blue is heralded as a calm and relaxing shade, which helps to bring this feeling into the home to give a feeling of tranquillity.

Light blue is a core shade, but think sapphire blues and opulent navy accessories to complement. Aim to create an airy space, so use white to open a space rather than overloading with darker hues.


Comforting Curves


Another trend that reflects the interior space as a sanctuary, is the emergence of curves and soft lines.

Interior trends for 2022 are rejecting harsher lines and corners for rounded egg shape chairs and a decidedly futuristic 80s nostalgia.

Soft shapes to help and create a relaxed feel that is an escape from the uncertain world outside. From waterfall style tables to scalloped detailing – curved lines are the trend in detail and in more statement pieces.

This style even stretches to arches, whether structurally real or a painted illusion to elongate a room.a living room with a large curved and circular sofa


Retro & 70s Feel

Interior trends have been looking back with an edge of the nostalgic for the past few years, and 2022 is no different.

For this year, the interiors are going even further back with a look at the 70s for inspiration. With palettes that are full of earthy tones with a 70s yellow and orange incorporated.

Think big floral prints and mixtures of prints and shaded velvet and cord textures.

Recycled, Sustainable & Upcycling


A key trend that is looking to only grow in the coming years is recycled, sustainable and upcycling interiors.

With the climate crisis, Millennials and Gen Z are changing the way home decor is seen. There is a move to repairing and upcycling older and existing furniture and pieces. From upholstering chairs to fixing broken accessories.

The interior trends for 2022 are showing a slow in consumerism and a move to second hand pieces and natural materials. Ultimately, pieces that are slowing the impact to the earth and environment. 


Biophilic Design

a living room full of plants in a brightly lit modern setting

Biophilic is the concept of humans wanting to be close and in touch with nature and the natural world, namely plants. This has been a trend for a few years and is still proving to be very popular as an interior style.

A move to many younger people unable to afford housing with garden means that instead nature is displayed inside. It also reflects the need and want to have a connection to the natural world.

It’s also notably a benefit of having plants and removing toxins from the air. With increasingly rare and interesting plants being used such as fiddle fig leaf trees, being used as forms of living art.


Interesting Textures & Textiles

a velvet chair sits in an open and brightly lit room for trends of 2022

The move to stripping back the hues and materials in the home, the contrast is adding interest and richness through textures.

Boucle is a trending fabric in the coming season as well as velvet and linen. These textures are often layered on top of each other and used as a contrast over colour and prints.

On top of that, the paint that is being used is clay plaster and limewash to add texture to a room with a utilitarian edge.



Interior trends for 2022 are reflective of the uncertain times we are living in, a move to relaxing spaces and a comforting sanctuary.

If you’ll be incorporating any of the above trends in your interior – let us know in the comments!