When it comes to refreshing your kitchen, it can be a costly and timely renovation. So here’s our top ways to revamp your kitchen without having to rip out your whole kitchen.

At a time when the cost of living is high, many don’t have the luxury to change a kitchen which may be a little tired and in need of love. That’s not to say that you can’t breathe a little life into your space with a few tweaks here and there. 

Paint Your Cabinets

A big part of your kitchen is your cabinets. So, a simple change of the cabinet doors is a quick and easy way to revamp and bring colour and drama to the room.

Changing the cabinets completely, or merely changing the doors is an option but can be tricky to DIY. If you’re looking for a more budget friendly way to revamp your kitchen, try simply painting the cabinet doors.

kitchen painted in a mustard paint

There are some steps to prep and ensure a good job. For example, decide what finish you’d like – satin, gloss or matt. 

Remove the handles, unless you want these to be painted as well, to see a clean finish. Then, simply number the doors to match them up once done, and unscrew the cabinet doors.

You want to ensure you clean any grease and dirt build-up and lightly sand the doors ready for a fresh paint job. Dust away any remaining dust, and paint with your chosen shade. Allow to dry for twelve hours, apply a second coat if needed, allow to dry and reattach.

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Retile Your Backsplash

As the backsplash is featured behind the key area of the kitchen, the cooker, it can be a great small space to add a statement.

Retiling the backsplash with a bold tile can be a small change to make a real difference and revamp your kitchen space. 

Try to find something that can contrast with your current kitchen colours, to make a statement and a difference to the space. Tiling yourself can be easy, or you can even use vinyl covers to put over existing tiles if you live in a rental or simply don’t want to commit to retiling completely.

Try Feature Wallpaper

Some people may be wary of using wallpaper in the kitchen, for fears it will be damaged or marks with normal wear and tear. However, as long as you have no major mishaps, a small space in your kitchen that uses wallpaper can bring a real difference to the space.

While we may advise caution of fully wallpapering the whole kitchen, you can use it as a feature. With this, you can be more bold in the patterns, prints and hues you choose to revamp your kitchen with.

It might be a small corner where you have some shelving or in the archway of a door or wherever fits best. Feature wallpaper works best in unique spaces, nooks and crannies but get creative!

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Add In New Hardware

A smaller tweak than painting your kitchen cabinets is changing the hardware in your kitchen. To bring a bit of design and statement, try changing out your cabinet handles to something a bit different.

It’s a small tweak that needs a little screwing and unscrewing that can see the room changed through a few little details.

If you have dark wooden or dark cabinets, try a contrasting metallic gold to stand out and lift your kitchen space.

With this, you can also stretch to adding in new taps to matching the metallic statement of the door handles. We also love adding in ceramic style door knobs for a more feminine interior style.

Add Open Shelving

For a practical way which both helps to revamp your kitchen space while also adding in more storage is adding in open shelving.

Open shelving is particularly on trend, and can see you make some of your kitchen utensils a feature. This helps to add to the mid-century modern design that is popular within the interior world at the moment. The concept that any art or feature is practical and usable.

If you have some decorative plates, stack these on the open shelving or organise your spices into aesthetic jars and have them lined up on these shelves.


Let us know in the comments if you have any other kitchen inspiration ideas that don’t require a renovation.