A new season can mean you want to change your interior up to welcome the sunshine. However, it might be that you don’t have a budget for a full project. So here are our top tips on how to redecorate on a budget.

You’ll be amazed at how a small addition of colour or some interior styling can really make a room look completely different. For a fraction of the cost!

Add A Focal Piece

Adding a central point to your decor can help to bring a feeling of cohesion to a space. Without redecorating, a statement piece can breathe life into a tired room without the need of a huge amount of change.

Placing something like a bold rug in the middle of a dining room, living room or even a bedroom can bring a space together and give it a new lease of life. We adore this Seaweed piece by Morris & Co for doing just this.

Seaweed Rugs 28008 Ink by William Morris

The colours aren’t too overtly summery and although floral, it’s not too feminine. Making this a statement yet versatile rug that can work across many seasons and in many interiors.

Beautifully crafted with 94% wool 6% viscose to establish a soft, heavyweight pile so will bring a luxurious feel to any home.

Bring In Some Prints

After many years of neutral and beige shades, the trend of maximalism is coming back. After years of lockdown, people have adopted a ‘why wait’ mentality. Bringing in pieces that spark joy with prints and colour can help to reinvent a space to redecorate on a budget.

Bringing in new hues and prints can really change up a room, and help to make it seem perfect for the summer season.

You can bring in colour and print in lots of ways, but one to instantly switch up a room is the use of printed wallpapers. This Wisteria Wallpaper by Cole & Sons is perfect for the season.

Wisteria Wallpaper 5015 by Cole & Son in Blue Jade

The calming blue interwoven with the intricate floral wisterias add texture and interest to a room without overwhelming it. The colours help to blend the summer blooms with the inside.

For redecorating on a budget, you might want to only add wallpaper to a specific wall or space as a feature wall for an effective but low cost option.

Open Up The Room

If you really are low on budget but want to create a simple but effective change in a living area, try rethinking your furniture.

Rearranging furniture may sound simple, but moving a few things around to change the structure of the room or perspective towards the window can help to brighten a space for the new season. Potentially think if you can lose a few pieces of furniture that don’t provide practical use to give more space and declutter a room.

Alternatively, incorporate mirrors into the space to help reflect any natural light you do get and to create the illusion of space within a smaller or darker room. Or even to accentuate an already bright and airy decor.

Pietro Full Length Antique Leaner Mirror

A mirror like this Petro Antique Mirror can really be the key to see you redecorate on a budget and see your space be rejuvenated. 

Use Texture And Layers

Adding in something extra can really bring another layer to a room. You can ever have too many layers to continuously add to a look. Simply finding a texture, fabric or colour that you can combine with your current decor. To help bring a new level of comfort and character to redecorate on a budget simply by adding a few extra pieces.

Incredibly popular for the new season, layering helps to create a home space as a sanctuary. One to escape the outer world, that feels homely and lived in. Bring in fabrics, from curtains or a rug and add in smaller scale contrasting fabrics such as a cushion or lampshade.

Think of your decor in terms of layers to be built up – such as patterns, colours, textures and even plants and books.

Roma Lined Eyelet Curtains in Truffle Brown by Helena Springfield

Curtains like these Roma Eyelet Curtains are great for doing this. 

The metallic finish adds interest and extra depth, and the textured weave gives an extra level to a space.

Play With Contrast

Similarly to layering, play with contrast in terms of heights and colours and even shapes.

Choose low furniture, such as slouchy sofas and low coffee tables and mix them with taller pieces like sideboards and bookshelves. This helps to draw the eye up and give room height and interest. 

As well as with height, try it with shapes. Embrace the curved trend and opt for rounded vases but pair it with angular artwork and shapes to see them contrast yet complement each other wonderfully.

This Rooftop Floor Lamp is angular and brings height to a space, so is a great single piece to use to contrast with.

Rooftop Floor Lamp by William Yeoward in Antique Bronze

If you’re redecorating on a budget that is really tight, then simply bring in some colour to contrast and pop against your current decor. Small but impactful, try a designer such as Orla Keily who has some real statement pieces to make a big difference with little effort or investment.

Art Deco Floral Stem Indoor Outdoor Cushion By Orla Kiely in Pink

Try something like this Art Deco cushion by Orla Kiely. This cushion is the perfect way to create a stylish scene, and to add a decorative touch whilst remaining totally practical. Featuring a beautiful pink flower in a yellow plant pot, with an all over steam design in yellow and white on the reverse.


So will you be redecorating this season? Let us know in the comments!