The ritual of bathing or showering is one we cherish and associate with harmony and mindfulness. Nothing feels better than stepping out of a replenishing bath and getting into a soft, clean towel as a small act of self care in our everyday routine.

Over time however, you notice the towel seems to lose its quality. Why is it losing its soft touch and freshness regardless of how many products you are using or despite how often they are washed?

The truth is that this is often down to using too many products and exposing towels to inefficient drying methods that destructs the absorbency and softness of your towels. We present to you our best tips and recommendations on how to properly care for your towels to get the most out of your towels without diminishing the quality.

How to care for your towels

How to wash your towels

How to wash towels

  • One of the most important aspects to maintaining the freshness of a towel is to wash it regularly, especially if the towels are used for daily usage. This will help minimise bacteria from growing. 
  • Wash towels at 40 degrees and avoid washing at higher temperatures. This is not only more eco-friendly as it uses less energy, but kills germs without overheating the fabric that ensures the fabric is not damaged and retains its quality.
  • Do not use any bleach, whiteners or fabric softeners. Contrary to popular belief that fabric softener might secure the softness of the fabric, fabric softener leaves a waxy coat on the towel fibers due to its oils and over damages its absorbency and makes the towels brittle.
  • Do not overfill your washing machine. Not only can this overfill the drum and damage the washing machine, but also not allow enough free movement for each towel to ensure it has been properly cleaned. 

How to dry and maintain towels

Bathroom, how to maintain towels


  • Tumble dry your towels. After washing your towels, we recommend using the tumble dryer rather to revitalise the fibres as it re-establishes the absorption and softness of the strands for its next use. 
  • Do not use a washing line. A washing line does not help fluff up the towels, but direct sunlight can also damage the fibres and create a brittle texture. 
  • Trimming loose strands. As opposed to pulling any loose strands that might be coming undone from your towels, give them a trim to to remain the towel’s shape and keep the fabric intact.
  • Replace towels every two years. Experts recommend to generally replace towels every 2 years depending on the fabric composition and the care of the towel.

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