With summer coming to a close, our interest move towards the coming season as we think of the interior trends this Autumn.

A new season brings new shapes, shades and textures to see our homes transform with the leaves. We see minimal and nostalgic interiors continue, with opulent details and a natural palette.

The colder weather brings a need for comfort and warmth, bringing texture and layering into our home with soft lighting and hygge qualities.

Here are our top interior trends for Autumn that we think you’ll love, add a tweak here or there and see your home change for the coming season.

70s Revival

Along with fashion and music, interiors are also continuing with the nostalgia trend, only strengthening into the colder months. 

The focus for this year is a 70s revival, with the interiors full of big prints and bold shades to represent the fun optimism of the era. Maximalism is at the heart of this trend, with shaggy, leopard print rugs to velvet accessories and soft curved lines.

an orla kiely optical floral rug placed in a hallway in a 70s style

Think warm tones, such as browns and oranges. Try the trend by incorporating some of Orla Kiely’s work into your home with distinctive prints with a 70’s feel. A style like this Optical Flower rug is a statement and retro take on the trend.

Open Shelving

For this year, interiors are becoming decisively more airy and open planned with a move to lighter and brighter spaces.

As homes become more open, we move to other elements of the interior to mirror the layout of the whole space. We see shelving become more of a design element, creating style amongst the practical.

Open shelving is a trend, particularly in kitchen spaces – to create a display of glassware and crockery as a form of artwork in the home.

We also see the use of floating shelves in bedrooms, above bed spaces and home desks to use empty walls to make use of any available space.

Open shelving showing interior trends for autumn in a white and bright kitchen

Full Of Texture

The cooling temperature and darkening nights brings in the need to add a touch of comfort into a home. Warming fabrics means the introduction of texture and layers is a key trend for Autumn.

Think brushed cotton bedding, and thick piled rugs alongside fluffy tartan blankets and waffle textured furniture.

Bring comfort in with faux fur layered over fabric furniture, and help them tie together by working in similar tones and hues.

White laura ashley waffle bedding in a minimal bedroom

Try a style like this Laura Ashley Waffle Bedding for a subtle way to bring texture into a room. Plus, added warmth and comfort for cold, winter nights.

Comforting Colours

Along with the comfort of textures, we’re looking this season to bring comfort and warmth through colours.

Sitting with the 70’s revival, we’re seeing an influx of warming, earthy colours such as soft browns and oranges down to mustard yellows and khaki greens. Warm undertones are amplified by diffused and low lighting, to create an atmospheric space.

william morris rug in neutral hues shows the interior trends for autumn in rug form in a bedroom space

This Linen Mustard rug by William Morris brings in a touch of earthy hues in a subtle way, to not overwhelm interiors to bring a touch of the trend into a home.

As well as earthy shades, we’re looking at pink as the stand out colour for Autumn. Fresh, energising and bright – it helps to bring a certain inviting feeling to a room while it’s cold, drab and grey outside.

Statement Lighting

Looking upwards, lighting is becoming an artwork in itself – lighting up rooms in statement ways. From chandeliers to oversized lampshades, we’re opting for decorative styles that offer a high level of diffusion. Think cosy, warm and low lit.

The 70’s trend also blends into this, with mushroom lights and soft curves being a feature in lighting as well as other interior elements. Away is the utilitarian trend of bare light bulbs and glass.

The outside world is becoming an increasing stressor, so people are creating sanctuary at home. Investing in more lavish styles to enjoy day in day out when they may be tightening their budgets in other areas of their life.


For more inspiration, read our guide on the top statement lamps to include in your home.


Add a few of these elements into your interior and see your home transformed for the new season. Will you be trying these interior trends this Autumn? Let us know in the comments.