How to save your floor from your pets

pet-friendly rug with a dog lay on it

We love our pets as much as our homes, so it is essential to find the most suitable rug. Whether it’s a cat, dog or even a house rabbit, you need to find a pet-friendly rug that can endure daily life with a furry friend.

If you have an adorable kitty or pup, chances are you have a rug that, at some point, has been destroyed by your fluffy friend. Fluffy pets and rugs can be incompatible, but if you have a love both for animals and rugs, there are still a few options.

But how do you find pet-friendly rugs that are both practical and stylish? Well, we’re here to help you find a rug that will camouflage any dog or cat hairs and that doesn’t allow your pet to bite or scratch it to shreds.

How to buy a pet-friendly rug?

pet-friendly rug with a cat lay on it

Buying a pet-friendly rug is something that you need if you have a pet. Forget the cost of having to put pet resistant carpet all over your house, not only does this cost an absolute fortune, there is no need, especially when you can get stain resistant and pet-friendly rugs that are best rugs for pet owners.

If you’re an animal lover like us, you are probably looking for a rug that not only makes your house look like a million dollars, but you want a rug that is practical when you have pets. I.e. you want it to be pet-friendly; rugs that camouflage shedding dog and cat hairs and don’t allow your family pet to bite or scratch, ultimately ruining the fibres of the rug.

Note: If you are specifically looking for animal rugs, unfortunately, they don’t exist. What exists are everyday rugs that are pet-friendly and can be used as dog rugs and a cat rug or just as pet rugs in general.

Where to start?

Since we’re all on the same page when it comes to the need for a rug for your pets, where do you start looking? There are pet-friendly rugs which are made of the materials that are stain resistant and durable for your pets. Even better, you can have a stylish rug that will work for you and your pets.

When thinking about the best rugs for dogs, selecting the right material, size and colour can make all the difference in the world.

So, read on for a few suggestions on some of the best rugs for pets!

The all pet line-up

Pet ownership is at an all-time high in the UK with 13 million households owning at least one pet.

The Dog

pet-friendly dog

Dogs make terrific companions. As the most popular pet in the UK, dogs can be great protectors and few friends are as loyal and dedicated as man’s best friend.

The Cat

pet-friendly cat

Often friendly, easy-going, affectionate, and gentle, cats make excellent pets. Notoriously independent, cats need somewhat less care and attention than dogs, but no less commitment.

The Rabbit

pet-friendly rabbit

Rabbits are the fourth most popular pet in the UK after dogs, cats (and fish). Not only do bunnies have a long-life span, they are entertaining and easy-going. They make loving pets for any age.

The Guinea Pig

pet-friendly guinea pig

These gentle rodents make great pets. They rarely bite, they love to play hide and seek, and they’ll squeak with excitement when their humans appear.

The Ferret

pet-friendly ferret

Few pets are as playful as ferrets. These small, intelligent animals are playful and affectionate. They develop bonds with their owners making them great pets. Ferrets are easy to feed, and they don’t take up a lot of space.

The Lizard

pet-friendly lizard

Though delicate in their infancy, once they reach adulthood, these resilient and hardy creatures are good starter pets due to their docile nature, low-maintenance lifestyle, and small size.

The Bird

pet-friendly bird

If you want a pet that will bond strongly with you, a bird is a wonderful choice. These social creatures are highly intelligent. They can be every bit as loving and affectionate as a cat or dog.

The ultimate rug for all pets

No matter how you live, we’ve got you covered. Suitable for all pets!

pet-friendly rug with a dog, rabbit, lizard and guinea pig lay on it
forever clean and pet-friendly

Forever Clean

Having a rug that is extremely easier to clean

forever stain-free and pet-friendly

Forever Stain-Free

No dye sites for spills to adhere to become stains

forever pure and pet-friendly

Forever Pure

0% moisture absorption to reduce pet-related odours

forever durable and pet-friendly

Forever Durable

Spring-like fibres preserve the rug’s appearance

Tip #1: Consider an indoor/outdoor rug

Ever considered an indoor-outdoor rug? Not just suitable for outdoors but fashionable enough to use inside your home as well. If you haven’t thought of this already, think again because you should, especially if you have pets as its one of the best rugs for dogs and cats that you can buy.

Gone are the days of outdoor rugs looking like patio or doormats, outdoor rugs are quite funky and cool and can complement pretty much any living room. These are very thick, flat durable rugs that can withstand pet play and are easy to clean. The quality of these rugs varies greatly, so you need to look at them on an individual basis and look what they materials they are made of. But it’s a good option to consider.

Since outdoor rugs are made to withstand sun, rain, heat and wind, they tend to be a great match for most pets. Because of the materials used in these rugs, they are easy to scrub and bleach, so you can wash out almost any stain. Score!

Tip #2: Small patterns are key

We love patterned rugs to decorate any home, but they are a popular choice for pet lovers also. Not only are patterned rugs nicely fashionable in any home as a rug but are they functional with pets? If you have a pet, a patterned rug is great, but you need to buy the right one.

Accidents happen at the best of times and even more so with pets, so stains are inevitable. It’s so tempting to find a rug with big patterns, but when it comes to being able to disguise stains from our pets such as the odd dog urination, the best way to find a pet stain resistant rug is to go one with smaller patterns.

Obviously, it won’t be the actual size of the stain that matters. Tight patterns, that are small and don’t have many big open areas will be your best bet for stain disguise. So, stick to a small-scale pattern that will hide stains and dirt better than a wide-print pattern. The bigger the pattern, the bigger the stain.

Tip #3: Light or dark colours. Which is best?

Choosing the right colour rug for your pets can be hard. As you might think a dark rug is the best choice, but dark colours can make pet hair stand out more. Light coloured rugs make stains stand out, but may hide fur better.

Like pattern, the colour of any rug you buy can make a big difference in the way it shows dog hair. However, dark colours are a key disguise for stains, snags and (some) pet hairs. Search for darker coloured rugs that will help disguise any stains better. The ideal rug is a combination of colours with a bright pattern.

Choose colours wisely as if you have a white cat, a black rug clearly isn’t a good option for you. Use your pets as a source of inspiration when it comes to choosing colour themes. If you go for colours that match your pet, the chance of having that dark tumbleweed of black pet hair across your cream rug becomes less likely.

Tip #4: Switch from a fluffy rug to a low pile rug

pet-friendly cat lay on a shaggy rug
pet-friendly dog lay on a low pile rug

You don’t need any more fluff, so opt for a low pile rug. Low pile rugs are easier to maintain and receive much less damage from Cat whiskers. Higher pile and fluffy rugs give many pets the opportunity to dig and bury things within them, so this isn’t the best option.

Dogs could also have an issue with getting their nails stuck in the loops of the higher pile rugs. Not to mention, higher pile rugs encourage your pets to do some digging. It’s just a weird animal instinct. While these rugs may camouflage the cat hair, they can be incredibly dirty and awful for allergies.

Some shaggy rugs can really hold in and trap fur and hair, so if your pet is a long-haired type that tends towards shedding, rugs like shags may not be your best choice. Also, if your dog is still being housetrained, they may not work because it can be harder to get stains, food and other matter out of the high pile of the rug.

Tip #5: Wool rugs are also a good option

Don’t be a fool, choose wool… Finding the right material for pet households can be difficult, but wool is excellent. You may think that synthetic materials would be the best for pets, but this is not the case. Wool is one of the best materials to use with pets.

Wool is a pet-friendly material because it is extremely durable, and it is easier to clean, which is crucial when owning a pet. It is naturally stain-resistant, and it also holds dirt near the surface of the rug, so dirt does not get ground into the fibres of the rug. Wool is vacuum-friendly, which is good because the fibres will attract pet hair.

What needs to be considered with wool rugs and the reason I don’t really suggest them is that they are not a cost-effective option. If your pet ruins the rug beyond repair, it’s quite a big deal to go out and another quality wool rug.

Tip #6: Don’t buy expensive rugs

pet-friendly dog urinated on a white rug
pet-friendly cat lay on a scratched rug

Yes, you can use rugs. The trick is to buy inexpensive ones. Unlike carpet, rugs can be picked up and cleaned or thrown out. Sisal or seagrass mats are a good choice, because they provide an elegant, neutral backdrop that will go with any decor. They’re durable enough to withstand pet traffic, and they’re cheap enough to toss when they get grungy.

Don’t go all out on expensive rugs just for the dog to snag one with a nail, or for the cat to spit-up all over it (cats do this a lot). Go for materials that have a high durability and are easy to clean; we suggest sisal, seagrass or any synthetic type of rug.

Got an incredible heirloom Persian rug you absolutely cannot live without? Treat it as art and hang it on the wall, where your dog or cat can’t reach it.

Tip #7: Washable rugs are a life-saver

From stains to spills, there are some great options and advantages of having a machine washable rug for pet owners. If something happens and your beloved pup has an accident, you can pop it right into the washing machine and dryer, or easily wipe up stains or soak up wet spots.

They are practical ways of making the floor more attractive and more comfortable, but they are compatible with keeping pets. Using washable rugs with laminate flooring or tiles tends to work better than carpeting the area and it can make the place look and feel more modern as well as satisfy the practical aspects of conservatory décor.

Stain resistant can be ideal for pets that often have accidents or simply the ones who love to jump into every puddle when outdoors. Also, skid-resistant rugs are also a bonus – your pet may be running around, and you don’t want them to go flying off a rug, or to move the rug out of place so that you’re constantly fixing it.

Tip #8: Try Seagrass rugs as pet-friendly rug

cute cats on a pet-friendly seagrass rug
cute dog on a pet-friendly seagrass rug

It’s no secret that we are advocates for natural fibre rugs, as we’ve declared our love for them as stylish, practical and modern rugs. They are in fashion, they are stylish, and they are a low-cost option to make your home look modern, neat and sleek. Another great plus with natural fibre rugs is that they are good rugs for pets.

Seagrass is a natural material that would be appropriate as a pet-friendly rug. It is reasonably durable as well as, stain and water resistant. A seagrass rug is also inexpensive and wouldn’t be too bad to replace. Don’t be put off by the name, seagrass rugs are quite fashionable and can suit any neutral coloured homes.

A seagrass rug would be a better option for cat owners more so than dog owners as cats tend to leave fewer stains since their litter box is already inside, they are less likely to have an accident waiting to go out.


FAQ title card

What are the easiest ways to pet-proof my living room?

There generally aren’t too many dangers lurking in the living room, but there are a few possible trouble spots. One of the bigger hazards for your pets is the fireplace. Pets can be harmed by flames and flying ashes. A simple solution is a fire guard/screen.

Wires and cords can also be a problem; chewing on a plugged-in cord can electrocute a pet.  Make sure to tuck cords away or cover them to keep them out of your pet’s way and also will leave your room looking neater.

What is the best resistant rug for pet owners?

Wool and Nylon are a few of the most resilient and durable options, along with polyester. As wool can be rather expensive we would definitly recommend opting for Nylon or Polyester when it comes to resisting the problem pets often bring.

What kind of rugs are easiest to clean?

We would definitley recommend an indoor/outdoor rug for an easy to clean option. Since outdoor rugs are made to withstand all the weather can throw at them, they tend to be a great match for most pets. Because of the materials used in these rugs, they are easy to scrub and bleach, so you can wash out almost any stain. The sound of an outdoor rug inside may shock you, but gone are the days of boring outdoor rugs. Check out our full Indoor/Outdoor range here.


So, there you have it! Some great suggestions for the best pet-friendly rugs for homes.

You’ll find that there are so many options, you won’t have to worry about going without beautiful rugs for your home while having a pet living in the house. And good rugs for pets won’t be hard if you stick to some of the suggestions on this list.

Remember, the best kind of rug is one that’s easy to clean while still looking great in your home. Even better, if it’s made from a soft material, your pet will enjoy laying on it, making them feel more comfortable.

And while there are no perfect rugs for pet-loving homes, some options are better than others.

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