How To Use Velvet In Your Home

velvet in the dining room

If you have as much of a crush on velvet as we do, you’ll be over the moon to hear that it’s on trend at the moment. Velvet is one of those things that instantly takes a room to the next level. Something about it is regal. Maybe it’s the way it reflects the light… and just begs to be stroked.

This luxe fabric is more versatile than you might think — it looks amazing in bright, casual colours and works whether you want a couch, dining chairs or a simple ottoman. The sumptuous fabric trend emerged throughout last year and is still going strong for 2017, becoming one of the most fashionable fabrics to dress your home in.

Want tips on how to personalise this trend and make it your own? Check out this list to find out how you can incorporate velvet into your home.

Statement Velvet Couch

velvet in the living room

One of the beauties of this trend is that it can make a big, stylish statement with very little effort needed on your part. Velvet has a naturally sumptuous and cosy feel, making it an ideal choice for your sofa. Offering both style and comfort in equal measures, its soft finish is perfect for snuggling up on.

Opting for a significant piece of velvet furniture, like this gorgeous example, will contribute aesthetic intrigue without the need to spend excessive money, time, or thought on extra decor. And it looks especially beautiful on jewel tones, which just so happen to be on trend this season, as well.

If you want to achieve a statement look, go bold with a beautiful coloured finish. Coloured velvet will add wow-factor to a room, whether you choose a subtle pastel hue or a rich jewel tone.

Decedent Velvet Chairs

velvet in the dining room

The great thing is that you don’t need to use much of it to make a big impact on your space. Chairs as well as sofas are probably one of the first places you’d think about using velvet. The key is to use it sparingly.

For example, you can help to ease a new chair into a current décor scheme by choosing one piece in velvet and contrasting with chairs in another material, such as linen or cotton, with a scatter cushion in the same fabric.

Alternatively, you could dip a toe in with an ottoman, footstool or pouffe. Blues, teal and greens are ideal shades to choose as they can be easily updated with lighter accessories for a fresh look. To really up the glamour, look for crushed velvet pieces with a metallic sheen.

Accessorise With Velvet Cushions

velvet in the living room

Of course, the simplest and most affordable way to bring velvet into your home is with a few fabulous accessories. Scatter cushions are the perfect way to refresh your sofa and add a touch of on-trend style to your home without investing in new furniture.

Accessorising cushions are perfect for layering. Mixing them with other fabrics such as wool, cotton and leather will create a cool and contemporary look.

In a small room, a large sofa could overwhelm, so you might be tempted to go for a small seating arrangement instead.

Treat Your Windows With Velvet Curtains

velvet in the office

For eye-catching glamour and the power to transform a window in an instant, velvet wins hands down, especially with a little added texture. Curtains add a touch of luxury to a space, but the look doesn’t have to be over the top. Beautifully draped curtains and blinds will help frame your window.

Keep curtains or blinds simple, for example, steer clear of heavy tassels and tiebacks. If curtains or blinds made from velvet feel like too much, think about enhancing a lighter treatment, such as linen, with touches of velvet instead – strips of velvet as hanging loops or fuss-free tiebacks work well.

Even if you’re not a member of the royal family, you can still take advantage of the perpetually regular treasure that is a velvet curtain. And you don’t need an excessively opulent style to do it. They also are especially suitable during the winter months to help keep drafts out.

Modern Minimalism

velvet in the living room

Those who prefer to keep things minimal might be a little uncertain about how well such a regal material will fit into their style. Well, as it turns out, it fits just right.

In fact, incorporating a throw pillow into an otherwise bare aesthetic will provide just the right amount of depth to your design without cluttering your visual space.

Use a lush dark velvet to add an interesting element to a pale and minimal room scheme. Here, the lovely contrast between the clean white wall and rich blue sofa works beautifully. The dark shade and sumptuous texture add real depth and contrast to the pale space.

Bring It To The Bedroom

velvet in the bedroom

It’s easy to assume velvet’s just a living area fabric but it’s back on-trend in the bedroom too, whether as an upholstered headboard or whole bedframe. So, why not kill two birds with one stylish stone by upholstering yours in this ultra-glam fabric?

Upgrade your bedding to create the ultimate comfortable space! Again, there are all sorts of subtle or statement ways that this can be incorporated into a space. You can choose to add touches of velvet to your headboard, dressers, and chairs.

For less of a commitment, try a selection of velvet cushions on your bed or a matching throw. Velvet can actually work really well as a neutral, bringing a little extra flare to an ordinary colour. Its soft, tactile texture makes it feel calming and cuddly – perfect for snuggling up under on chilly evenings.

For more information on upholstered headboards, click here.

Add Unexpected Velvet Accents

velvet in the bedroom

If you’re still not sure about adding velvet to your décor, why not introduce a few small elements instead? Adding small, simple touches of velvet is a great option for those who don’t want to fully commit to a statement piece.

It’s also a cheaper way of bringing the trend to your home, and allows you to experiment with velvet against other fabrics. By choosing a few accessories, you can experience the fabric in a small way before taking the plunge and investing in something bigger.

Update a living space with deep velvet cushions, ottomans, or dining chairs. Cushions are a particularly easy way to make a statement. Against a linen, wool or cotton fabric cushion, it adds a beautiful contrast to a room. For another twist, amp up the trend and add other accessories. Lamps, upholstered mirror boards and throws can establish a beautiful space with an understated feel.

Make It Velvety Bold

velvet in the living room

The best way to get the velvet trend right is to make sure you’re not overdoing it. It can be difficult- especially with all the great pieces available! However, opting for one key piece of furniture will add just the right touch without going overboard.

Be bold and add a sofa in with rich colours to achieve a contemporary look, or to upgrade a minimalist theme. Upholstery that has timeless shapes and colours can make a space seem extravagant and more polished. Colour plays a big factor when choosing your statement piece too- deep jewel tones such as navy, plums and reds will further add to a modern look.

Alternatively, if you’re into a softer, more romantic feel, opting for soft pinks and nude colours will create a softer, more subtle impact.

Wow The Walls With Velvet

velvet in the living room

Flock wallpaper has been in and out of fashion for decades but with the rise of the velvet trend it’s firmly back in. The paper isn’t covered in velvet as such but is made by adding short, tightly packed fibres to the surface to produce an effect.

Traditional damasks with the tactile surface make it feel classically luxurious but there are some more modern designs emerging that help flock wallpaper fit into a more contemporary setting. This glittery tropical leaf design, for example, ticks two trend boxes in one with its botanical inspiration.

Putting up wallpaper can be tricky, especially with a flocked surface, so think about finding an experienced decorator to hang it for you.


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What do you think of velvet? Would you include it in your own home? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Velvet Trend: Add Velvet Glamour To Your Home Decor
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