When it comes to celebrating the end of a year and the start of another, it should be a time to do something special. So we have some accessories to help and bring in a luxury New Year’s Eve.

We’re boycotting the big-night-out for New Year’s Eve celebrations. We’re all for the big-night-in. Away from mile long queues for the bar and overpriced drinks. Have a look at our ideas for how to have a New Year’s Eve at home. 

It doesn’t have to be a quiet one, and there’s certain additions that can help to make it extra special. Read on to find out how…

A Luxury New Year’s Eve Hosting Space

Luxury Cushions

From the hootenanny with Jools Holland, to the fireworks at midnight – the living room is a space that often hosts the New Year’s Eve celebrations. Which means there’s all the more reason to add a few touches to bring some luxury and glamour to the space.

An easy and instant way to do so is to bring in cushions to your interior space. Not only do they provide comfort, they can also bring some style to your space. For New Year’s Eve, it deserves a luxury edge to help provide the backdrop for your celebrations.

Fabrics are key to luxury feel, and this Senna geometric cushion does this wonderfully well.

a cut out image of a velvet, golden cushion with geometric design


This style adds texture to a space, with a luxe velveteen feel and glamorous hues reminiscent of saffron and golds. 

For a cooler palette with a more wintery take on luxury, try the Juno abstract cushion. This is a more muted style to fit into a decor, while the metallic sheen of the fabric will still bring a luxury feel to your New Year’s Eve.

Plus, the abstract style brings an artistic lilt to your decor. The classic style is perfect to keep for your interior through the colder, more wintery months.

a velvet cushion in a cut out background i=with a blue abstract brushed design

Luxury Rugs

It may be that rather than having drinks in your front room, you’re hosting a dinner party to end all dinner parties. 

Although we’re sure you’re ready to impress with a delicious beef wellington – or something equally lavish – adding something extra to your interior is the perfect finishing touch.

We may be biased, but we do believe a rug is a simple change to add instant luxury to a dining room space. It can be placed under the dining room table to frame the hosting space, while adding warmth and a touch of interior style.

Choosing an abstract style like this Sanderson rug adds an element of artistic design which helps to elevate even the most minimal of spaces.

To view a rug as an art piece, rather than another piece of furniture, allows you to reimagine your decor. A simple trick which will impress guests and family alike.

Plus, this piece is luxurious in both design and construction. Made from a 100% thick wool pile, to add comfort and style to your luxury New Year’s Eve celebration.

Bring Luxe To A NYE Night In

A Dressing Gown

When the 31st of December comes around, it may be that you’re very much partied out. Or, that you simply aren’t much of a party-goer at all.

For all our homebodies out there, you can still add some luxury to your New Year’s Eve if it’s just a quiet night watching television.

We believe that if you’re going to spend a night in, do it right. Treat yourself to the little luxuries in life which help to elevate the things you enjoy doing. Whatever that may be.

Which is where the Abyss and Habidecor super pile bath robe comes in. As there’s no better feeling than wrapping yourself up in a plush dressing gown, knowing you don’t have to leave the house again for anything.

a cut out image of a plush white high pile dressing gown in white for a luxury new year's eve

Made from 100% Egyptian cotton, this is a luxury item that you won’t regret. If anything, you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

Luxury Hot Water Bottles

You may be thinking, how can you achieve luxury with an item like a hot water bottle? Well, there are hot water bottles and then there are YuYu hot water bottles.

A hot water bottle is a simple pleasure, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in a luxury version of one.

The YuYu hot water bottles are made from a unique, elongated shape rather than from the classic rectangular shape. This allows you to apply the hot water bottle more easily against your body. Plus, it even features ties so you can fix it to yourself for hands-free warming.

The YuYu hot water bottle is made from grade A Sri Lankan rubber, which is fully biodegradable and ethically made. 

It doesn’t end there. The final luxury touch to the bottle is the 100% cotton cover. We love the YuYu Liberty Mortimer design in blue.

cut out of a yuyu blue and white long hot water bottle

This style has a unique blue and white pattern, reminiscent of luxury china and porcelain. It’s a classic and heritage choice that helps to add that extra touch of luxe to your cosy night in.

Luxury Throws

It might be that a blanket is a quintessential part to a night in at your home. For New Year’s Eve, this may be no different, however there’s always a way to add that special touch.

It may just be binging your latest series on Netflix, or watching Love Actually for the 1000th time, but you can still do that in style and luxury for your own celebrations.

When it comes to a celebratory style, there’s nothing that says opulence more than gold. This knit cotton throw by Tess Daly is a tasteful way to bring a luxury edge to your New-Year’s-Eve-in.

a golden throw folded in a cut out image

Made from 100% cotton, this style is the epitome of luxury celebrations. It pairs well with a movie marathon and a glass (or two) of champagne.

If gold is a bit too much for your interior style, you can opt for a blanket that brings a luxury feel through the warmth and comfort it brings. Treat yourself to this Be Still Knitted Wool throw by Katie Piper.

a chunky blue knit blanket for the luxury new year's eve accessory

The chunky knit of the blanket, made from 60% wool is a style that is irresistible to most. A blanket so chunky, it could persuade even the most hardened party-goer to have a night in.


A luxury touch is something every New Year’s Eve needs, no matter how you’re spending it. Let us know what your plans are to see in the new year in the comments.

From all of us at the Rug Seller, we hope you have a good one!