It’s important to try and gather inspiration for your interior design wherever you can, especially when it comes to the really positive role rugs can play at home.

So where can you start looking in order to find the best rugs for your particular home environment?

Well, you can start by putting some feelers out with style magazines and online magazines devoted to fashion in the home. These just might expose you to movements and ideas that you weren’t previously aware of.

Then you can use photography and film – keep an eye on set design as a means of figuring out what appeal to your personal sensibilities when it comes to interior design.

You can also look for inspiration in travel and in the history books. Other times and other cultures give people real food for thought when it comes to interiors and especially rugs, since the traditional rugs of the Middle East were first on the scene and other oriental styles are closely linked to history and exploration.

Finally, you can look for inspiration in the shops, whether you are looking online or in a physical store. This will give you a good idea of exactly the sort of rugs on the market right now.