When you have had some work done on your house in order to make a bit of extra living space, it’s important that you adapt your décor in order to deal with the change. Extensions are popular in family homes because a little extra space goes a very long way. Even if you don’t create a new room with your extension work, it’s likely you create a more spacious living area.

Extended lounge areas give you loads more space to work with and they tend to be brighter and more open which makes them a good deal more comfortable. However, you can’t very well use your old rugs in a space that might have doubled in size! Instead you’ll have to get hold of a large rug to fill the area.

This is a positive thing because large rugs make a massive impression and they look absolutely stunning in modern extensions where they really have space to work. Modern rugs work well, but in neutral spaces you also have the option of using large oriental or traditional rugs as a means of adding colour and design to a newly extended living space.