Autumn Style Guide For The Season

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As Autumn approaches, now is the best time of the year to incorporate earth tone colours into your home decorations! The arrival of cooler temperatures, autumn hues, and nature changing before our eyes is all we need to know that autumn is here again. Adding autumn touches of decor to your home will help you transition into the new season with the excitement of the passing of the year.

Choose your style and see how these 10 decorating tips and ideas will make you want to jump into a pile of leaves to celebrate autumn!

Fall Fashion For Your Floors

Even though we’ve been trying to cling to summer, it’s safe to say that autumn is officially upon us. As the outside world turns a gorgeous shade of copper, you too can make subtle interior changes to match. Warm up your home with a cosy rug for autumn. Fend off icy toes by placing area rugs in well-travelled spots in the home. Or layer area rugs for even more cosiness.

Layering area rugs is an easy way to add colour and texture to your floors. There are no set-in-stone rules when creating this look; just make sure the bottom rug pokes out below the top rug to show off the layering effect.

Manhattan patchwork chenille rug

Our Patchwork Chenille Rug is just perfect for covering up bare kitchen, living room and dining room floors, as its thin pile means that it’s suitable for use under furniture. This rug was inspired by the classic tapestry style. It also combines a number of deep orange and gold tones to bring a certain warmth to the room. Introduce this gorgeous rug to your home to keep you cosy even as the colder months approach.

Also, remember to swap a summery rug for a luxe autumnal style and you’ll have very cosy feet all season.

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Seasonal Colours

When the weather turns cool and crisp, your home becomes more of a haven than ever. From golden yellow to deep red and green, try these autumn colours to create a cosy feel in your home.

For many seasons, blue has been the ‘in’ colour and it is continuing throughout this autumn. You can either use it as a base colour as it creates a rich and warm environment. However, if you are looking for something subtler you can introduce it through accessories. Or use more traditional fall colours like orange, yellow, red, brown and plum.

autumn style interior
autumn colours

Many people are inspired by the colours of changing leaves. The myriad of earthy hues seen among the landscape is often considered the epitome of autumn. Burnt orange, crimson, rust, and deep golden yellows as well as rich plum and warm browns evoke the spirit of the season.

Cosy Up Warm

Make a bolder statement with a bright quilt that contrasts with bedding. Plus, they temporarily add seasonal pattern and colour to your home.

Also, quilts have always looked great on a bed, but consider using them as decor for your walls too. Frame pieced squares and hang in a grid or hang an entire quilt on the wall. If you have an out-of-the-way table, try placing a small quilt on it as a tablecloth.

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autumn bedding quilts
autumn bedding quilts

Tweeds and wools are often seen to be a quintessential part of an autumn styled interior. They are seen to bring an element of cosiness and texture to your home.

Embrace the feeling of cosy this autumn through supersized blankets and throws – a statement throw can instantly transform the look and feel of your living room or bedroom.

The Fifth Wall: Look Up

How does your ceiling look right now? You may not have been blessed with wonderfully rustic beams and panels like the image below. However, there are tons of ways you can perk up your snooze-worthy ceiling for autumn.

For an autumnal style ceiling, if wooden beams aren’t an option for your home. Oranges, browns or reds are all colours that can be used when deciding how you want to decorate it.

beamed ceiling

By having a statement ceiling, it will be a talking point with guests, but also a finishing touch to a room. Whether adding a lighting fixture or ceiling artwork, creating an autumnal ceiling will be your oyster.

Creative Lighting

As the nights start to creep in and the days are darker, great lighting becomes even more essential. Plus, there’s nothing better than getting home on a dark winter’s evening and turning on the lights to give your home a warm and cosy glow.

From ceiling lights to lamps, lighting plays a big part in our home during the autumn and winter months, so why not make a statement with the styles you choose? A badly lit room is nightmare at the best of times let alone in the fluctuating natural light of one of the gloomiest times of year.

autumn accessories
Edison bulbs

With the shorter days, you’ll want to add brighter lighting to your favourite spaces. Lights or lamps with warm light shades on them are the perfect sort of lighting as not only do they give off an ambient glow but they fit in with the autumnal feeling. For example, the images above.

Experiment With Materials

This autumn, continue the theme of opulence by introducing classic, sumptuous textures such as tweeds and wools. This can be achieved through statement accessories like cushions and chaises.

The continuous trend of tweeds and wools coming into the home as well as in the world of fashion is huge.

tweed autumn interior

Outdoor Furnishing

Autumn doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Don’t forget about your favourite outdoor spot when the seasons change. As summer transitions into fall, the weather becomes perfect for comfortable evenings outside. Furnish your back garden with comfy seating and bring out the duvets to enjoy the last of the sun and the cool night air.

outdoor relaxation

Restyle your outdoor space for chillier months by adding extra blankets. As this is a good time to update your plants, rugs, and throw pillows by swapping the summer colours for warmer autumn colours and textures. All of this creates a cosy, calm, and inviting space to help combat our hectic lives.

Decorate Your Walls

Adding a fresh fall wreath to your front door is one of the best ways to welcome guests to your home. It makes a terrific first impression and is a low-cost way to change outdoor home decor with the seasons.

For autumn, go for a wreath full of fall florals like the images below! Whether you buy or DIY, these front door beauties will give your home serious autumn-inspired appeal.

autumn wreath
autumn wreath

Usually considered to be only a Christmas speciality, wreaths are usually not seen at any other point throughout the year. An Autumn themed wreath would not only be a unique way to decorate the exterior of your home but it would also be a nice way to show off your stylish knowledge to anyone that visits.

Mix & Match Furniture

Rather than buying an entirely new set of furniture for autumn, the current trend is now all about mixing and matching! What better way to introduce the season than with a unique and trendy look.

Mixing up colours and styles elevates a space from a generic look, and makes it feel far more stylish and cleverly designed. There is a lot of overlap between different styles, and these common elements can pull together different looks.

mix match autumn furniture
mix match autumn furniture

Or, dare to go bold and blend two opposite looks together in one space. For example, the images above. Overusing just one style can make a space feel cliché and the influences too obvious. Mixing it up finds a balance that draws on both looks, creating something new and interesting.

Just remember while it is mix match, make the accessories such as lamps, curtains, and the rug match the colour scheme.

Ignite Flames With A Fireplace

As the weather gets chillier and the days shorter, it’s time to turn your focus to the fireplace. Keeping your fireplace in working condition and your mantle well-styled will allow you to light a match and enjoy a cosy evening at home at the drop of a hat (or a light fall jacket).

A crackling fire naturally draws people to it, so accommodate that with extra seating around your fireplace. For the autumn and winter months, rearrange your furniture to shift your conversation area to the fireplace.

autumn cosy interior with a fireplace and sofas

Decorate your fireplace according to this season spirit, so that it stands out by bringing autumnal mantle themes! Themed and colour coordinated mantels will keep you warm, cosy, and inspired—even on the chilliest days.

Nothing makes a living room more intimate than a fireplace. If you’re decorating for autumn, it’s a must! Remember, don’t slack on the firewood – make sure there’s plenty ready for use!


If you haven’t done so already, it’s time to rid your home of summery linens and seashells in favour of richer, warmer hues and textures. Hopefully, you’ve found some useful tips and practical advice that you can implement in your own home for the ultimate autumnal feel!

How have you decorated your home for Autumn? Leave a comment and let us know in the comments below!