When the temperatures drop, it’s essential to ensure you’ve invested in a warming blanket. Our pick? These luxury wool throws are full of bold design and high-quality craftsmanship.

A wool blanket is the warmest way to keep off that chill. Whether cuddling up on the sofa or for an extra layer when in bed. These blankets add design and comfort to your home.

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What Makes These Wool Throws Luxury

These are wool throws that are made from carefully and high-quality natural wool fibres sourced from Yorkshire. The throws are made from 100% pure wool, with a soft-to-touch feel. 

The wool, sourced in the UK, is crafted by skilled tradesmen. This ensures these blankets are durable, soft and warming. Making them a true investment piece. 

On top of this, the bold colours and contrasting hues are a design piece that can make a statement.

Why They’re So Warm

Wool is always known to be the best insulating fabric. A natural fibre, it helps to trap air to keep you warm, but also gives a good amount of air flow to ensure you don’t get too warm. Making it one of the best throw materials for keeping warm

The breathable quality of the fabric and the fact it’s renewable and biodegradable makes it a popular option. Read here to find some of the best materials for throws and blankets. 

How Are They Sustainable

Wool is an eco-friendly and sustainable option, over man made fibres such as polyester. It biodegrades naturally, so it doesn’t accumulate in landfill and oceans. 

Wool will still shed fibres during washing, but these fibres will break down naturally, without causing any harmful effects to the environment.

Wool uses 18% less energy than polyester and nearly 70% less water than cotton to produce. 

When disposed of, wool acts like a fertiliser by slowly releasing valuable nutrients and carbon back into the soil.

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Our Top Premium Wool Throws

The Crawford Check Blanket

A luxurious high-quality throw for your home, the Crawford wool throw’s classical country check in a range of hues makes this beautiful blanket a stylish addition to sofas and beds.

luxury wool throw in multi check

Moseley Mohair Plain Throw

The Moseley mohair throws adds a textured and cosy touch to any room of the home. In moss green colour, the simplicity of this throw adds to its beauty as a piece that will remain versatile as your home style changes. 

Made from a blend of sustainably sourced 62% Mohair, 35% Wool and finished with stylish tassel edges.

Lana Alpaca Fleece Throw

The Lana Alpaca fleece throw is crafted with 100% Alpaca fleece from the highest plains of the Peruvian Andes. 

A durable, luxurious and silky fibre, Alpaca fleece is warm and hypoallergenic. The diamond herringbone design is versatile as your home style changes.

Irwin Ribbon Merino Lambswool Throw

The Irwin ribbon merino lambswool throw showcases a woven ribbon pattern design in a rainbow of multicolour on a beige ground. 

Made from sustainably sourced 100% Merino Lambswool.


So let us know in the comments if you’ll be adding a wool blanket to your home decor for the cold winter months!