Choosing the best colour to paint your bedroom is an important task, and one that needs thought.

It’s a proven fact that the colour and hue of a room can significantly control your mood whilst in there. Meaning, you should consider what palette is best for what space. A bedroom space is one that should be a calming oasis, ready to encourage a good night’s sleep.

Our guide is here to show you what the best paint colours are for your bedroom, and why. 

A Fresh Green

Green is a calming and cooling colour, making it a sensible choice for a bedroom space. It’s also an increasing trend in interiors, so will help your decor feel current.

Using a shade of green helps to create a space that feels closer to the fresh, natural outdoors. A trend that interiors are moving towards, along with the use of natural materials in Japandi decor and the increasingly popular use of indoor plants.

Moss green paint in a living room for the best colour to paint your bedroom

This moss green shade is a high quality paint by Morris and Co. A shade of paint created by the home textile visionary, this helps to create a space that is rich, opulent and fresh. 

This is a darker shade of green, but similarly a sage or pastel hue works just as well in a bedroom.

A Cool Blue

Following in a similar theme, blue is a perfect shade to add some well needed calm and serenity in a space made for relaxation.

The psychology of the colour shows it encourages a feeling of tranquillity and peace – which is ideal when choosing the best paint colours for your bedroom.

On top of this, Dulux have declared a blue hue named Bright Skies to be the colour of the year. Meaning the interior world is abuzz with blue palettes and shades.

The shade of the year is a lighter toned blue, casting up memories and feelings of optimism and serenity. Bright skies in both mood and feeling.

A sea blue painted wall in a living room space

We adore this blue shade by Morris and Co in River Wandle, to lift and transform a bedroom space.

Light And White

A simple and neutral choice for a bedroom space is to opt for a clean white shade. Giving an incredible base to build your accessories around, or to simply create a clean and minimal space.

White is the perfect shade to build a space that is free from clutter, creating a bedroom that helps to clear your mind and allow a meditative feel.

Modern and staying forever in style, mix white with natural materials like lighter woods of pine or even wicker for a scandi feel. With a minimal base, play with textures and plants to inject life and feeling into your bedroom space.

A cream coloured wall in a living space to show the best colour to paint your bedroom

If white feels a little too stark for your taste, go for a simple off-white like this powdered chalk shade by Morris and Co. It offers a slight undertone of warmth, and a mediterranean feel. Pair with terracotta and opulent accessories.

Soft Grey

On the other side of the spectrum, you have grey as an ideal paint colour for your bedroom.

Grey has connotations connected to it that may make it feel drab and slightly depressing for a bedroom space. However, you’ll be surprised how grey can make your bedroom feel luxury and premium with a boutique feel.

Grey itself is a neutral colour, so it is easy to play with other accessories and shades alongside it. Plus, the psychology of the colour lists it to be a balancing and calming force, rather than anything negative.

Soft grey painted walls in a bedroom

We love a panelled wood effect painted grey, to give a feeling of grandeur to a bedroom decor. Try a shade like this Zoffany’s paint in Taylor’s grey.

The slight blue undertones help to soften the colour. Pair with autumnal shades such as dusky pinks and pops of mustard to bring out the best in the hue.

Pastel Orange

If you’re someone that prefers brighter, more colourful spaces – there are options beyond the neutral and serene shades.

The trick is to opt for brighter shades in a muted, pastel tone. We adore an orange, but a bright orange is known to encourage feelings of energy – not something you necessarily want in a bedroom space.

a light orange painted wall in a living room space

However, pastel shades create a muted version of this – bringing serenity and calm to bolder palettes. Try this Spring Thicket shade by Morris and Co. The chalky finish helps to mute the colour even further, creating feelings of calm where you might not expect it.

Pastel orange is a great colour to bring a drop of energy which can be perfect for the morning. It also frames sunshine and brighter tones within a bedroom space. If you’re worried about it creating the wrong feelings for a bedroom, simply choose a feature wall to include the shades and mood of a colour without overtaking a bedroom.


So will you be adding some colour into your bedroom this season? Let us know what colour has taken your fancy, and transform your space with the best paint colours for your bedroom.