There’s nothing worse than a glorious summer’s day leading into a hot and humid night, leading to a lot of tossing and turning in the heat. Sound familiar? That can be a thing of the past, with our tips to finding the best bedding for keeping cool.

A few small switches here and there will leave your bedroom feeling like a cool place to relax after a long day enjoying the sunshine.

Try Cotton

When it comes to bedding, keeping cool can rely on a few reasons. Choosing bedding that is breathable and moisture wicking allows you to regulate your body heat more easily.

Breathability is good with cotton, which is when the fabric allows warm and humid air trapped underneath the duvet to escape and move around. This allows your bed space to have a regulated temperature, preventing you from getting too hot and sweaty.

Try a style like this Orla Kiely whale blue bedding in her iconic tiny stem design. 

Orla Kiely whale blue bedding in a minimal bedroom

Or Even Linen

As well as cotton, linen is a great option for bedding when it comes to keeping cool. Linen is a stiffer fabric, so is less likely to cling to you, meaning there is more space for hot air to circulate and escape.

If you tend to sweat quite a lot, linen may be a better option as it’s less moisture wicking so won’t absorb the sweat.

The weave of line is also different to cotton, giving more space for air to circulate – keeping you cool.

Woven Sheets

It’s not just linen that can be used, but woven fabrics in general will allow more air flow.

Sateen and percale are styles of weave that are quite commonly used for bedding that are proven to be cooling.

This is again due to the fact they allow an airflow and keep temperatures regulated as bedding. Sateen sheets are slightly heavier in feel and may have a slight lustre to them, whereas percale sheets are matte and lightweight – offering a preferable choice.

fitted sheet in a linen shade on a mattress cut out

Opt for a bed sheet like this Helena Springfield fitted sheet in percale, for a minimal and neutral take on cooling bedding.

Opt For White

When it comes to cooling options, colour can play a part in regulating the temperature in your bedroom.

Darker shades of bedding will absorb the heat from the sunshine, meaning they ultimately heat up your bedroom. White and light coloured bedding and sheets will reflect the light and keep the space cool, bright and airy.

We suggest trying a style like this Ted Baker plain cotton bedding.

ted baker plain white bedding in a clean and bright bedroom

With a luxury feel, this will not only keep you cool through the crisp, white hue but also as it’s made from cotton. The perfect bedding for keeping cool this summer.

Low Tog Rating

It’s not just the bed sheets you need to consider when it comes to keeping cool in summer. You need to think about your duvet and tog rating.

Every duvet will be measured with a tog rating, which shows how insulating the duvet is. The higher the tog rating, the warmer it will keep you. Meaning, in hot weather it’s best to opt for a low tog rating.

However, if you don’t have the room for two duvets in your household, an option such as this all year pure wool duvet is a great option.

a cut out image of a duvet

Once again, as it’s crafted from a natural insulator – wool will keep you warm in winter and cool in summer. Incredibly moisture wicking, this is a great all rounder option.

Even A Cooling Throw

When it comes to those record breaking heatwaves, it might be that the thought of a duvet is too much to cope with.

If you still want the comfort of being covered by something, try a lighter throw to help you feel comfortable without overheating you.

Choose something like this Andaz Fine Linens cotton throw in a neutral shade.

a linen style throw on a bed in a minimal room

Once again, constructed in cotton means this is a breathable and light fabric choice. The neutral palette of the piece means it can work into your interiors easily and work as a secondary blanket for the cooler months.

Keep A Cool Bedroom

Before we get to the key components of the best bedding for keeping cool, it’s time to lay out some key rules for keeping your bedroom cool to start with.

keep a bedroom cool with these curtains in a stem design

If you have a bedroom that gets a lot of sunlight, ensure you keep your curtains closed. Keeping the sunlight out means the room won’t heat up as the sunshine is magnified through the windows.

In the same theme, keep all north facing windows shut, as this allows the hot air into sun facing sides of homes. If it’s a south-facing window, open it to allow air flow.


We hope this has given you some well needed tips to keeping cool this summer. For even more tips on how to get a better night’s sleep, check out our 8 tips to help you sleep better.