As 2022 draws to a close, we look forward to the big interior trends for 2023. From fashion influences to a more sustainable approach, there are some key decor changes coming to the fore in the next few months.

Browse our guide to see how you can bring elements of new into your home and bring your interior into the new year.


The once reigning trend of neutral palettes is seeing a diversion to bold hues in accent. Homes are no longer to be whitewashed, but to see the stamp on an individual come through.

Whether that’s with neon lights, brightly hued prints or statement wallpaper. Beige and neutral are still there to support these accents, but the retro pop splashes are in.

Think contrasting shades and primary colours in soft, curved lines. Oranges, reds and greens that are dropped into neutral spaces with a surprising effect. Be brave and be bold with colours, shapes and textures for the year ahead.

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Sustainable Elements

This being quite high up the list should be no surprise, with the climate being a core factor affecting many aspects of our lives – interiors are no different.

Sustainable interiors can take many forms. From using natural elements like wood and rattan to upcycling or investing in pieces to last a lifetime. 

Rattan and wood have been key players in an eco-conscious home for a while, but a new player in the mix for 2023 is cork. Bringing texture and many versatile uses, cork can be a new key element for the home for this coming year.

On top of this, the push on shopping with smaller retailers and opting for artisanal quality over mass produced to find future heirloom pieces. 

Sunset Shades

The new neutrals for 2023 are sunset shades, with a nod to the Mediterranean and Moroccan styles that have seen a resurgence in the past few years. Bring subtle pinks and terracottas into your home for shades that will warm a room without overwhelming it.


Dulux’s colour of the year for 2023 is a soft, golden hue called ‘Wild Wonder’. Fitting into the complementary accents of the sunset shades. 

The sunset spectrum ranges from delicate yellows to mellow lavender hues, ranging beyond simply to soft reds and oranges sitting in the middle.

Lively Lavender

Being hinted at in the sunset shades, lavender is a breakout trend that deserves its own section.

With hot pink being the top colour everyone loved for 2022, 2023 sees a move to lavender and lilacs. The WGSN predicts that lavender will be the style that everyone wants to wear for the coming year, and as ever this is looking to impact interiors too.

Lavender is a soft hue that has links to calmness and serenity with a distinct inward look at wellbeing. It’s the move away from the digital, looking at a natural hue based on floral palettes.

Oversized Lighting

A 2023 interior trend is seeing the practical become artwork. To see furniture be both useful and decorative.

Lighting is a particularly popular piece, seeing curved arms and statement bulbs. Even decorative chandelier styles, with lights being layered into spaces to soften and add interest. 

Lighting is becoming more sculptural, using materials such as concrete bases and rattan lamp shades to add texture. Plus, the ambient lighting brought with a diffused lamp is bringing extra focus to the home trend in 2023.

Imperfect And Irregular

Moving away from neutrals means moving away from the pristine and perfect. Interiors for 2023 are seeing pieces that spark joy, that sit together in harmony without being matched perfectly.

Using two bedside tables that are of opposing shapes or wood to using contrasting colours across a room. Opt for irregular furniture to add interest and layer on top of each other, over a more flat matchy-matchy approach.

Also feeding into the sustainable elements and the concept of Japandi styled homes, see more the beauty in the imperfections of a piece. 

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Borders And Stencils

Wallpaper borders and stencilled borders are coming back into frame and add some colour and statement to a wall.

They add character and even a period feel to modern homes. They can help to frame architectural elements and unique features of your home from arches to coves. Making an imprint on the individual aspects of your home to display it as one-of-a-kind.

With 2023 interior trends seeing a distinct hark back to previous trends, this uses stencilling that was often popular in the 1930s. Using a style that is heavily referenced throughout and after the Art Deco and Art Nouveau periods

Wavy Stripes

As with other elements in the home, the soft and curved shape is king for last year and this coming year. The lack of harsh edges for a move to the gentle lines helps to create a sanctuary of escape in the interior.

Waving stripes have a calming effect, reminiscent of water and the oceans and therefore create a relaxing notion in the home.

Patterns and soft lines have a distinct link to the outside world, and a shift away from the digital everyday that we live. It promotes mindfulness and a link to the natural world, both key themes in trends for 2023’s interiors.


So will you be bringing any of these trends into your home in the new year? Let us know. Or if you have any upcoming trends of your own, share in the comments.