In the winter months, there’s no wiser investment than home accessories for keeping warm. A few quick switches in your home can see your interior instantly changed for the colder weather, from fabrics to throws.

Additionally, it can bring a level of cosiness and hygge to your decor. Plus, better insulation and keeping yourself warm can keep the heating costs down. It’s simply a win-win!

So we’ve got a round-up of our top home accessories that’ll be keeping you warm and toasty until spring comes around.

Warming Rugs

A rug is an obvious addition to help warm up cold, hardwood flooring or tiles. Adding an extra layer of insulation and cosier carpeting means your feet won’t be feeling that cold flooring.

It can help to keep the cool air from travelling through the floor, helping a room to stay warmer. Plus, a room can often feel cold without carpet. However, you may lavish those same cool floors once the hot months of summer roll around.

A rug is an easy method to warm up your home space without having to go full carpet. This way, you can roll it up and store it away in those warm months to have the best of both worlds. 

Not all rugs are made the same, and if you’re choosing a rug to help insulate your home – we recommend opting for wool. Find our list of winter rugs best for keeping your home warm here.

We love this Zeal Rug in Pewter by Harlequin. The thick, soft, 100% wool pile is designed to offer high levels of luxury and comfort – and warmth!

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Hot Water Bottles

There’s nothing better than to escape the cold, harsh winds of winter to snuggle up with your favourite hot water bottle. An easy way to get warm. Plus, something that can be moved from sofa to bed and to wherever you need an extra bit of heat.

Try a luxury hot water bottle like our YuYu range, being the first hot water bottle to ever feature an elongated shape. The YuYu bottle cover is also made using a specific waffle design, trapping heat and keeping it warm for longer for up to several hours. Read about the other reasons you need a YuYu hot water bottle here.

Meaning you’re able to use the product along a larger part of your body than with a standard square shaped bottle.

This can help to apply heat to specific areas of the body where you’re feeling aches or pains. In addition to this, it also features drawstring ties to be worn around the body hands-free.

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Cosy Bed Covers

There’s no place other than your bed you’ll be dreaming of when trudging through the dark and stormy winter commutes. So ensure you have the best home accessories for keeping warm with your bed.

That means investing in the best bedding. Ensure it’s the warmest it can be by choosing your bedding carefully. Choosing thicker and more insulating fabrics can be an easy switch that’ll see you keeping warm and cosier overnight.

Choose a bedding set that has a high thread count, such as this Phoebe Waffle Cotton Bedding Set. 

This means the bedding is more tightly woven and therefore traps the heat in – helping to insulate. Cotton is similar to wool in that it is great at regulating heat and the waffle design only helps this.

Cuddly Blankets

A winter essential is of course a blanket – perfect for keeping toes warm in front of the TV or overnight.

They’re the best home accessories for keeping warm. By adding essential insulation and an extra layer to ward off that winter chill. That’s not to say you can’t bring in an element of design into the practical and warming factors of a blanket.

As with rugs, we do recommend a wool style to have the best warming properties of all. So go luxury and choose for something like this Burano Dove Merino Wool throw.

This sophisticated, lightweight throw, with off centre bands of colour and bordered at both ends, is woven with the finest yarns including recycled merino wool. The versatile hue means it sits easily within any decor style and the lightweight nature means it can take you into the cooler days of spring.

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Soft Dressing Gowns

An instantly easy and effective way to keep warm in winter is to wrap up using a dressing gown. A dressing gown is a great way to keep warm while still being able to walk around, meaning it’s more practical than a blanket.

It’s also great to double up as a towel for the mornings when you can’t quite bear to escape the warm shower. Cuddle yourself up in a dressing gown like this Abyss & Habidecor Robe.

A woman leaning against a wall wearing a thick pile fluffy white dressing gown

​​This wonderfully soft and fluffy bathrobe is gorgeously crafted with 100% Giza Extra Long Staple Egyptian cotton with exceptionally long fibres for extra warmth.

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