Music Festival Inspired Décor For Your Home

Graphic on how to bring a festival to your home

It’s finally Summer and that means one thing… festival season is upon us! At summertime, there’s just something about hitting up a music festival or two that you can’t beat.

What’s better than basking in the gorgeous weather (we hope) and listening to your favourite musicians? Whether you’re taking on a weekend at Leeds or V Fest — or sticking to a lawn chair at a smaller local festival, you’re sure to leave inspired.

With the help of our festival inspired home décor, you can design your home in a way that replicates all the best parts of a festival without the mud, wellies or raincoats!

Setting The Mood

It’s time to pull your wellies on and dust off the old bucket hat as it’s festival season! Even if you don’t have any intention of attending, the summer festival lineup – Parklife, Wireless, Leeds fest, the list goes on – can offer you plenty of creative inspiration for your home. This blog is aimed to help you transfer your inspiration into an actual stylish home interior.

stylish interior with wooden sliding doors open

First things first, throw open all your windows and doors! If the weathers warm enough, let the summer scents and the warm breeze flow through your home. It’s the perfect opportunity to replicate the free and airy feeling of being outside at a music festival.

Not only this, but having your windows open can make you feel better within yourself. As you can’t enjoy the sunshine if your windows and doors are closed!

Turn Up The Volume

If you’re bringing the festival feeling home with you… you can’t go without music! The best part about this? You can listen to literally anything, music from EDM to Rap to Pop to Metal.

music speakers on top of wooden table with blurred background

For the most chilled summer tunes consider timeless songs such as Mardy Bum by the Arctic Monkeys and Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley. You can either get creative and put together your own playlists. Or simply use pre-made Spotify playlists if you don’t feel like playing DJ.

You can go start using search terms like “Bestival” or “Parklife” and a variety of festival playlists and stations will come up. Consider this the main act at your own personal festival!

Decorate Your Walls

A colourful statement wall is one of the quickest and cheapest ways to completely change the look of a room without having to overhaul your home decor.

Depending on your ambitions, you can paint your own mural or alternatively you could purchase an incredible full wall design art piece.

flowery mural on wall in front of couch

A festival isn’t a festival without the summery inclusion of flowers! A brilliant way to decorate your home is to include an explosion of colour through a floral mural on your wall. It doesn’t have to be limited to flowers, however.

green forest wall mural

You can go with something abstract and painterly. A graphic decal design would look awesome or you could even pick one of your favourite photos to enlarge. Maybe your cup of tea is forest raves such as the Relentless stage at Leeds Festival? Why not have a forest mural to give you a reminder of your time in the trees?

If you don’t want the commitment of a huge painted design on your wall, don’t worry.

flower chains hanging on white wall

A more cost-effective alternative is to make your own flower chains to put on the wall.

Flower chains are an iconic part of music festivals and can be seen at pretty much any summery music festival. If you use real flowers, this design won’t last long but if you’re wanting a more permanent look, you can use silk flowers or even channel your inner designer and use coloured paper!

Updating Your Furniture

When it comes to your couch/sofa, this is purely down to your own interpretation as there’s obviously no furniture at music festivals. We’ve included some ideas on how best to style your furniture to give it that summery festival vibe.

couch with cable blanket

After a full-on festival, you always need to recharge your batteries. Recreate the chill-out zones using your comfy, calming sofa in your lounge. Drift away or take a power nap, and you’ll come out feeling more zen, recharged, and ready for action.

This couch features a throw blanket in cream overlaying the grey coloured sofa. The blanket on the couch idea is reminiscent of taking a blanket on a picnic as something to sit on, on the ground outside which is often the case at festivals.

throw blanket on sofa with puppy

It doesn’t have to be a sofa of epic proportions, but it’s always better if it’s filled with cushions and summery throws, as well as being festooned with bright, patterned accents. That’s a festival piece on its own right there!

Again, the above couch features a couple of bright and floral cushions as well as a very on-trend geometric throw rug. Not only does the rug match the colours of the room, but the vivid colour is perfect for the summer. And just look at that little dog, aww!


Have you ever considered using lace in your decor?

Lace is a common festival go-to as the look is not only soft and feminine, but it can be bold when paired with denim, suede or even leather. To be able to use lace in your interior design, we recommend using it in unexpected ways such as with the above dip-dyed lace curtain. It takes the look from predictably delicate, to completely cool with just one colour change!

white lace curtain in did dyed blue

Using lace in your decor can be an easy way to incorporate shabby chic look into your home. Opting for lace curtains will ensure your home has a lovely, light look that opens up any room. Vintage lace curtains come in many colours and designs, from mysterious black to luxurious French designs.

These stunning curtains will look fantastic in any room in your home this coming festival period!


The cowhide rug has become a trendy and fashionable accent in modern homes. We are used to thinking of leather, skin, wood and stone as being a part of country and rustic houses.

However, festivals took this item and transformed it in such a way that it looks fabulous in contemporary interiors. You can see a stunning variety of objects made of cowhide – from decorative cowhide pillows, cowhide coasters, cowhide purses or handbags and the list goes on and on.

cowhide rug

Cowhide rugs are an iconic symbol of festival style. This faux-fur addition is a new take on an old favourite, and it captures summer aesthetic in a chic way. Cowhide rugs come from genuine cattle hide and each piece may have original scars, scratches and/or branding markings. Not only are these rugs representative of festivals but they bring a certain stylish element to a room and make a real talking point to any guest that steps foot in your home!


With every great music festival comes a great festival poster! Festivals only come around for a couple of days or maybe a week for at maximum to spread their musical fun and joy and then they disappear into the abyss until the following season.

We’ve always been impressed with the posters designed to spread the word about these events. They’re typically full of beautiful colour and typography designed to grab your attention while also providing details about the upcoming festivities.

coachella multi coloured festival poster

Music festival poster designs have to convey the “vibe” the festival, as well as list many, many musical acts. So, if you’re going to a festival poster either print off a lineup or buy a poster of the lineup and frame it as a keepsake memento.

Not only would this look cool and decorative on your walls, but it would give you bragging rights for when your friends come round!

Plant Based

Festivals are usually bursting with green life in the midst of all of the mud — from cacti, to the greens of the field. So, introduce a little bit of plant life into your own home by incorporating planters like these into your home!

plant based festival decor

The lushest of the fake (and great) outdoors, these artificial plants are made to look as good as the real thing. They take centre stage with their size and add a natural, indoor-outdoor vibe to a living space.

Bright Colours

Being a place full of colours – from the wardrobe of its attendees to the art installations that abound on the fields. Bring the pops of colour into your own home with lovely furniture accents and accessories for your rooms.

While perfectly mixed prints are still a chic alternative to matchy-matchy interiors, bold, patterned interiors have us swooning. Get the look indoors with unexpected cushions in bold, graphic prints.

brightly coloured summer cushions

While festivals aren’t entirely about comfort, the clothing styles and camping tents have to have a degree of comfort to make it fun. Moreover, not only do these cushions add extra comfort to wherever they’re placed. They also look excellent and the vibrant colours can really brighten up a room!

These cushions bring the classically colourful aesthetics of fun and free-spirited charm to its chosen room for a fraction of festival prices and none of the travel!

Fringe Fun

No surprise here; fringe is still BIG on the festival circuit. And there’s a good reason for that. Bring some fun whimsical fringe into your home in the form of a dreamcatcher or macramé holders with plants. Or in our case, generally both.

It’s retro in a way that celebrates the textural, natural fabrics that are so popular today. From adorable, laid-back bedding to rugs, we think this trend will stick around for a while.

fringe fun accessories

While dream catchers aren’t a massive part of a festival tradition, they blend in with the overall look and generally make a room appear more welcoming. Although, dream catchers can often be seen as earrings at festivals as people often feel more spiritual at these outdoor events, especially in the summer sun!

Home Decor Accessories – DIY

Ever been to Leeds/Reading festival? If you haven’t, here’s what you’d see! The ferris wheel has become an iconic part of festival culture as it gives fantastic views of the entire area. However, I’m going to take a guess and assume that you can’t fit a ferris wheel in your back garden.

ferris wheel at leeds festival

cute bun ferris wheel

Here’s a cheap and cheerful alternative! This cute, cupcake Ferris wheel is an exciting way to bring some sweet treats into your home while giving a subtle nod to the festival culture. Not only this, but it gives you and excuse to do some baking, or to splash out and get some tasty cupcakes from your local bakery!

Food and Drinks

Think festival, think food stalls and the scent of cooking in the air. When you’re out in the sunshine, dancing on the grass all day (let’s be optimistic here), you need nourishment and hydration. Similarly, how about putting together a menu of festival food?

Easy eats that take mere moments to make: barbeque, burgers, wraps and snacks. Maybe our BBQ infographic could be of some help for some tasteful treats. Gourmet fare… well, if you’re channelling The Big Feastival, maybe do a little more work!

bbq in the garden

mini fridge

Is it even a festival if you don’t crack open a cold one? At a festival, you might not have the privilege of keeping your beverages cold, but since you’ll be in the comfort of your own home and not at a festival, it’s achievable!

A mini-fridge is an excellent way to keep your drinks cold in the summer heat and means you don’t have to trek into the kitchen every 20 minutes to get yourself a drink. 


leeds festival

Hopefully, now you’re all set to style your home in a nostalgic, festival-style way!

Have we missed anything? Do you have any better ideas? We’d love to hear your thoughts so let us know below!


Updated August 2021